How well do you know My Hero Academia?

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How well do you know this beautiful show

  • 1
    Who is this?
    Who is this?
  • 2
    Izuku wants to be a?
  • 3
    Was izuku born with a quirk?

  • 4
    Which one of these don't exist?
  • 5
    Who Said Ochako had a crush on izuku?
  • 6
    Izuku lives with?

  • 7
    Izuku dads quirk is?
  • 8
    Does Izuku text all might?
  • 9
    Who did bakugou fight in the sports festival?
  • 10
    The #1 hero was?

  • 11
    Where did tomura shigaraki first attack?
  • 12
    Is it true all might was quirkless then Had his quirk given by someone?
  • 13
    Who is All mights enemy?
  • 14
    Which one of these moves are one of izukus?
  • 15
    Name their quirks

    Katsukis quirk is
    Momos quirk is
    inko midoriya is?

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361 days ago
For question 3 both of No, he is quirkless, and yes,He got his power from all might, cause he was born quirkless then later he gained his power from all might. Anyway have a PLUS ULTRA day.
677 days ago
i got 11/15... i mean that's not so bad right?
705 days ago
9 outta 15 i never watched it.
740 days ago
14/15 deku was born quirkless!!!!
833 days ago
I completely ignored "inko" on the last question thought it was Izuku instead and got the question wrong 14/15
911 days ago
Only 3 wrong (help me)
1165 days ago
Question number 3 is worded very poorly so much so that she got their own quesyion wrong
1221 days ago
i know qwq soryy it was a mistake
1223 days ago
just wants to point out that being given a quirk and being born with a quirk are different