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Do I Know My Little Pony / MLP: Friendship is Magic? Trivia Quiz

Do you love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic a lot? What a coincidence - I do, too!:) See if you can correctly guess the answers to all these trivia questions now! P.S.: If you have friends who are fans like you, please share my quiz with them - maybe they can beat your score!

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    When does a pony get its cutie mark?
    When does a pony get its cutie mark?

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1548 days ago
I only got 4/10 correct.
SIKE!! I got 10/10 I love MLP
1559 days ago
your quiz made me think .about what was freindship all about
1595 days ago
I love Pinkie Pie because she throws awesome parties I love AppleJack because she works so hard and I got a 9 out of 10 in the quiz it was pretty good but I got one wrong it was a super sonic rainbow on the Rainbow Dash question questions are not easy you know have I made this app I want to know I don't know who wrote it can I get an answer please next time who wrote it and my name is I don't know where I don't know if rainbow dash is cooler in Twilight it's not true Pinkie Pie real name is pinkie Diane pie finished thank you for listening
1599 days ago
i am a youtuber and also i love pinkie pie!
1638 days ago
I'm a huge fan of my little pony i mean I've trying watching it since I was 4 years old -5 years old - 6 years old -7 years old -8 years old - 9 years old - 10 years old - 11 years old - and now I'm still watching my little pony and I'm 12 years and I am going to watch my little pony until I die.
1640 days ago
1641 days ago
Spot the different emoji
🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤☀️🌤 🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤 🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤
1649 days ago
I am ubsest with mlp
1672 days ago
That was easy get harder in the future
I got 10\10😌😜😜😜😜😜😜😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😶
1682 days ago
True friends from My Little Pony is my favourite song because it's so amazing and I like this is going to be perfect because it's so good because in the end princess Cadence is actually Queen Chrysalis I like Queen Chrysalis because she is got changelings that fight so rainbow dash will be brave to fight them with her of the elements of harmony Fluttershy is kind to her animals because when she was little in the forest she fell out of the Cloud in Cloud still because Rainbow Dash when they were starting today rainbow dash accidentally posted flash out of the cloud and she she fell into the ground of Equestria and she found her Cutie Mark because of animals and Twilight Sparkle is my favourite second Fluttershy Ford Pinkie Pie thank you pass both parties and their like that thank you for listening love cocoa
1683 days ago
Ladybug and cat Noir My Little Pony are my favourite at the moment I like to watch your shows cold cookie world C and twilight sparkles and favourite because she's got friends called AppleJack rainbow dash Fluttershy celebrates and cat Noir birthday
1683 days ago
Twilight Sparkle as my favourite because she reads books I love to read books and Rainbow Dash sorry Ben but it's my least favourite
1683 days ago
For number one it should be moony really knows due to the fact that some pony's dont really know who they really are (i.e. troubleshoes and kinda sorta diamond tiara)
1713 days ago
I like this quiz
1726 days ago
Wow that quiz was interesting. And if I was a pony I would be Princess Twilight sparkle : the princess of friendship!! 🦄
1726 days ago
Find the difference 📪📪📪📫📪📪
1738 days ago
I agree with Alicia
1740 days ago
I am 20% cooler than you all! 😉
10/10 yay.
3. What are the elements of harmony? True answer- Bubbles, Mail, Perpiness, Confusion and Muffins.
1740 days ago
Just a couple of months I got 10/10
Wow I really remember a lot!
1751 days ago
omg this was so hardddd xdxdxdxdxd