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Do I Know My Little Pony / MLP: Friendship is Magic? Trivia Quiz

Do you love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic a lot? What a coincidence - I do, too!:) See if you can correctly guess the answers to all these trivia questions now! P.S.: If you have friends who are fans like you, please share my quiz with them - maybe they can beat your score!

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    When does a pony get its cutie mark?
    When does a pony get its cutie mark?

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2128 days ago
I found this extremely easy...
10/10 and I didn't even think
2465 days ago
I got 10/10 of coarse I know more than anyone about MLP
2538 days ago
Yay I got a 10/10 I love mlp
2642 days ago
I got 10/10 yay 😜😜 I love Mlp FiM so much
2643 days ago
I got 8 out of 10

2646 days ago
^ incorrect. Wondercolts are Canterlot High's Mascot.
2666 days ago
its actually wonder colts and not wonder bolts