How well do you know MLP's characters?

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  • 1
    Torch Song is a Ponytone. True or False?
  • 2
    Derpy's full name is Derpy Dizzy Doo. True or False?
  • 3
    When the Mane Six got affected by the poison joke, Spike calls them Twilight Flopple, Rainbow Crash, Appleteeny, Hairity, Spitty Pie and Flutterguy. True or False?

  • 4
    One of the lines of Pinkie's Zecora song is, "She will chop you up like little mushrooms." True or False?
  • 5
    Diamond Tiara's dad is name Stinking Rich. True or False?
  • 6
    There is an pony in the Apple Family named Apple Crumble. True or False?

  • 7
    Not all princesses have to be an alicorn. True or false?
  • 8
    There are 4 signs until the Zap Apples come. True or False?
  • 9
    BonBon never talks, she is just a backround character. True or False?
  • 10
    Heartstrings is the same person as Sweetie Belle.

  • 11
    Scootaloo wanted the Cutie Mark Crusaders to be called the Cutie Mark Three. True or False?
  • 12
    Zap Apples are pink and that's why they are special. True or False?
  • 13
    Pinkie Sense, Twilight says, is not logical. True or False?
    Pinkie Sense, Twilight says, is not logical. True or False?
  • 14
    Big Mac is Rarity's cousin. True or False?
  • 15
    Pokey Pierce appears at Diamond Tiara's cute-cenera. True or False?
  • 16
    When Rarity has her Cutie Mark Flashback, there is a filly that looks just like Pinkie Pie but she's blue. True or False?

  • 17
    Rarity knows a spell to make frogs appear out of thin air. True or False?
  • 18
    Flitter and Cloud Chaser are related. True or false (press false if you are not sure)
  • 19
    Daisy, Lily and Rose are sisters. True or False?
  • 20
    Hoity Toity is a fashionista. True or False?

  • 21
    Eff Stop appears in Green isn't your color. True or False?
  • 22
    There is a pony named Colgate and a pony named Rainbow Day.
  • 23
    The pony that makes Fluttershy 'famous'is called Photo Flies. True or False?
  • 24
    Rainbow Dash looks a lot like Daring Do. True or false?
  • 25
    Rarity likes Trenderhoof but he likes Twilight Sparkle. True or False?
  • 26
    Applejack's parents are a mystery. True or False?

  • 27
    Film Reel is a real pony. True or False?
  • 28
    Rarity is a huge hit in Canterlot because she stumbled into Fancy Pants. True or False?
  • 29
    Rainbow Dash's element of Harmony is Honesty. True or False?
    Rainbow Dash's element of Harmony is Honesty. True or False?
  • 30
    MLP is awesome. True or False?

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