My Little Pony - Varied Difficulty 2

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If you didn't try the first one, the aim is to make questions tougher as the quiz goes along, this will give better representation of your own knowledge.

Difficulty is very subjective, but this isn't aimed entirely at bronies, it's designed to include all ages as best as I could while still making it as fair to all as possible.

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    Who is not part of the "Mane 6"?
    Who is not part of the "Mane 6"?

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1509 days ago
That should say mane 7
1543 days ago
Mlp G5 is coming 2020
1825 days ago
I like ponys 🦄🦄
1854 days ago
@ Anonymous ( 14561 )

I assume you haven't read questions correctly or simply aren't the fan "you" claim to be.

The author clearly wrote some questions to trip people up such as mentioning RD was part of the shadowbolts, when infact she is part of the wonderbolts.

All questions have correct answers.
1880 days ago
Some of these questions didn't have a correct answer, so you don't even know MLP if some don't have the right answer.