My Little Pony ultimate hard quiz!

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What you expect is a hard My Little Pony based quiz! Do you think you know the most about My Little Pony! let's find out!

  • 1
    In 'Bridle Gossip', what is the name of the flower which curses the Mane 6 including Apple Bloom?
  • 2
    In 'The Cutie Pox', what is the first cutie mark that Apple Bloom gets?
  • 3
    In 'MMMystery of the friendship Express', which 3 ponies take large bites out of Pinkie's MMM cake?

  • 4
    In 'Canterlot Boutique', what is the original name of 'The Princess Dress'?
  • 5
    In 'Rarity investigates', what is the first evidence regarding Dashie's innocence?
  • 6
    In 'The Mane Attraction', what is the name of the popular pop star?

  • 7
    How many songs are there in 'A hearth's Warming Tail'?
  • 8
    What is the name of the restaurant in 'Spice Up Your Life'?
  • 9
    As evilself of Luna is 'Nightmare Moon', who is the evil side of Celestia in 'The Royal Problem'?
  • 10
    Which line is NOT in the song 'The Evil Enchantress'?

  • 11
    What is the name of the rare disease that Zecora got in 'A health of information'?
  • 12
    In 'Saddle Row Review', which ponies quote "Only Twilight can do a dance remix on sweeping".
  • 13
    Which is a line of the song 'Flawless' in 'Fame and Misfortune'?
  • 14
    Finish the song: I threw away my party canon, I deflated all my balloons"
  • 15
    What is the first flying animal Fluttershy shows Dashie in 'May the best pet win!'?
  • 16
    In 'Baby Cakes', what did Pinkie Pie do to make the babies laugh. Hint: The babies do this when Pinkie cries.

  • 17
    In which season does Twilight turn into an alicorn?
  • 18
    Furthermore, what is the name of the episode in which Twilight turns into an Alicorn?
  • 19
    What did the ponies say about Fluttershy in 'Fame and Misfortune'?
  • 20
    Here the last but easiest question: Who was the first villain in mlp?

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218 days ago
Darling, she turned into an unicorn in season 3! You put s4 twice and even selected season 2 as the correct answer. ((Fuchsia))please do fix your quiz or things will get down
261 days ago
Btw im twilight sparkle irl and im an alicorn
261 days ago
Im being home schooled and we learned about harry potter!!!!!!!
261 days ago
Mlp: fim fan is actully its magicle mystery cure
261 days ago
Hi gmo im mlp fan i have a dog
261 days ago
Its dumb it cheated i love dogs though !!!!!!!!!!
263 days ago
Theres something wrong with question 17. there's 2 "season 4" options but no season 3 how r we all supposed to answer this question correctly?!
402 days ago
Apple blooms cutie marks were as follows. Hula hoop,plate twirling,tap dancing,accordion,type roping,hang gliding,french talk,Mathemagician.
402 days ago
There's 6 songs in hearths warming and also Swamp fever never affected apple bloom here's who it effected,
Fluttershy: Deep man voice
Applejack shrunk to the size of an ant
Rarity mane covering her everything
twilight octopus horn
rainbow dash broken hoof
pinkie pie paint all over tounge
I know because i watched all these episodes again.
Other than that i have a 100.
If you got 20 wrong time to see an eye and ear doctor.
567 days ago
I've watched the entire MLP twice. Poison Joke did not curse Applebloom
673 days ago
twilight got her wings in season 3 episode 12, other than that, the test was easy
889 days ago
Nice quiz, but the twilight’s wings question is wrong. It was season three, and season three wasn’t even an option. Any true fan would know this.

Also, the dress was spelled Reign in Stain, not Rain. It’s an easy mistake to make, but still worth noting.
The flaws aside, this is one of the better ultimate MLP quizzes out there, most of them are painfully easy but this was a bit challenging. (Though since I’m an expert on the show it was very easy for me, but casual fans would find it difficult)
1239 days ago
how match questionange colors this game has
1244 days ago
Twilit got here wings in the 3rd season!!! This test is a total failure if they can not even say in which season Twilight got her wings!!! It is the best episode!!!! Who wouldn't know that!!!
1453 days ago
Wow I’m 10 years old and I still love my little pony
1496 days ago
Twilight was turned into an alicorn on season three in the episode "Magical Mystery Cure." Watch the last episode in season 3, quiz creator. I thought you knew what this would be. All in all, it was a good quiz.
1502 days ago
Twilight was an alicorn in season 3 and it was called princess twilight sparkle. i dont even think there is an episode called magical mystery cure, forgive me if im wrong, im only on season 5
1570 days ago
It was season 3 that twilight became a alicorn and there were 6 songs it a hearth’s Warming Tail 1.Hearth’s Warming is here once again 2.Say Goodbye to the holiday 3.Seeds pf the past 4.Present song 5.future song 6.Hearth’s Warming Eve reprise get all your facts right and one more its “I put away my party canon” not “I threw away my party canon.
1627 days ago
i LIKED THIS loooooooooooooooooooooool:3
1630 days ago
season 3 episode 13 get your facts straight creator!