My little pony (season 1-8)

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This will be a fun quiz of my little pony. You may know everything and you may not know a thing. Try your try best and see what you get.

  • 1
    Let's start out easy.
    Who are the main six?
  • 2
    Let's get a little harder each question.
    What are the elements of harmony?
  • 3
    Now, who are the cutie mark crusaders?

  • 4
    When does Twilight Sparkle become the Princess of Friendship?
  • 5
    In season 4 episode 21, how do the five ponies help Rainbow Dash past the wonderbolts test?
  • 6
    In season 5 episode 15, who is the true villain in the crime (Rarity investigates!)

  • 7
    In Season 6 episode 16, what is the main changeling's name? (The Times They Are a Changeling)
  • 8
    In Season 5 episode 25, who is the villain?

  • 9
    In season 7 episode 13, who are Apple Jack's parents' names? (They are explained!)
  • 10
    What are Rainbow Dash's parents' names?

  • 11
    In season 7 episode 1, what does Twilight learn about Princess Celestia?
  • 12
    In season 7 episode 10, who are the villains?
    (A Royal Problem)
  • 13
    In season 7 episode 26, who is the villain other than the Pony of Shadows?
    (Shadow Play part 1 and 2)
  • 14
    In season 8 episode 25-26, what does Cozy Glow call herself when she reveals she is evil?
  • 15
    Last question, when does Queen Chrysalis return?

    (This might be hard, no looking off this page for the answers or you're cheeeeeating!)

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1046 days ago
Haha. Very funny...
1142 days ago
Haha, very funny. Sweet Belle is Rarity's younger sister. Toola Roola? Chereely star song? Minty? Look it up on google. Type in "my little pony the mane six) THEN it's right!
1144 days ago
Not true the mane characters are pinkie pie rainbow Dash sweetie belle Scootaloo toola roola chereely star song and minty
1148 days ago
Haha, too cool. Um, well I did make this quiz so yeah, hope people who look at this will like it!