My own My little ponies

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I have made up my own my little pony, ponies. You need to guess what the names are. Don't feel bad if you doing get it right, I made it all up.

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    This pony is the most powerful pony every and she has infantine power. She is an Alicorn but not a princess and her mane are the colors green, blue, and purple. She is the color of light blue like Rainbow Dash.
  • 2
    This pony is a princess and she is the princess of the sky. She is light blue like the sky and her mane is the color yellow. She is the mother of four foals. (Lucy, Tour, Jack, Clor)
  • 3
    I made up a Princess of Spirits. Can you guess her name? She is dark blue, has a purple mane and green royal shoes.

  • 4
    A great well known foe to the two sisters. She is purple and has blue and black hair.
  • 5
    Now this pony is the biggest villain to Equestria. She is called a queen she is so evil. But soon she will be reformed and become a great hero to Equestria. She is red, has an orange mane, and here evil cutie mark is layers of fire. The good form has the cutie mark of a red line and an orange and yellow swirls on the sides
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    This pony is a great friend to Pinkie Pie. She is cheerful and happy. She is purple and her mane is a frizzy light green. Her cutie mark is a light green start on a light green cylinder.

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    This pony is a Pegasus and she can tell time by her wing powers. She is extremely strong because of that. She is light blue and has light green and purple hair. her eyes are gold.
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    This pony is extremely powerful and she is a unicorn that half becomes an Alicorn. She is orange and has red strands of hair. Her eyes are a light pink and her cutie mark... might give it away. ;D
  • 9
    This is the previous pony's sister. She is blue and her mane color is blue. Her eyes are yellow and her cutie mark is two blue shooting stars.
  • 10
    Last name you are going to guess.
    This pony is a fancy pony who lives in Canterlot and works with Rarity. She is pink and her mane is purple. Her cutie mark is a fancy mark.

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422 days ago
samee i got one right which was the phoenix one ;((
899 days ago
What!!!??? I only got 1 question right! 🤔😜