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How well do you know My Little Pony? Find out, I bet you’re gonna get 0.. tell me if you get more.

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    What colour is apple blooms mane

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1334 days ago
I'm sorry but there's some weird choices here. First off, Applejack only has 2 siblings. You can't count Applejack herself. Second, Babs Seed also bullies the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Is she the wrong answer because she's reformed? Because Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are also reformed so they shouldn't count either, right? Third, Babs Seed was bullied back in Manehattan because she doesn't have a cutie mark, so there's two right answers on the question because she starts bullying BECAUSE of her embarrassment over having no cutie mark but that embarrassment is a result of the bullying from Manehattan so they're both right.
1404 days ago