Are you a true My Little Pony fan?

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This quiz will test you on your My Little Pony knowledge. It will start of easy by you just having to select the ponies name but it will get harder and start to test you on questions about the fandom.

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    Who is the pink always happy pony that has three balloons for her cutie mark and comes from a rock farm?

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9 days ago
The only one I got wrong was how many elements are there. HOW WAS IT 7 IN THE SERIES THERE ARE ONLY 6!!!
146 days ago
I am a teenager and I like My Little Pony and I also have a crush on Rainbow Dash lol
275 days ago
I got 17 out of 23 woohoo ^.^
628 days ago
Youre right reeee it is 6 btw im twilight sparkle irl
628 days ago
I got ALL the questions right
718 days ago
Ok one there is six elements: Kindness Generosity, Loyalty, Honesty, Laughter, and Magic. Second the question who turned twilight into an alicorn is controversial. Two Technically twilight earned her wings for finishing starswirl's spell, but once she cast it the elements of harmony teleported her to where celestia was, and Twilight became a princess. However, twilight would not have been able to finish the spell unless princess celestia sent it to her to finish. So really that means the answer to that question is all the above.
765 days ago
Hi. Just 2 things. 1. there are 6 elements, not 7, and technically Celestia turned twilight into an alicorn, after showing her some memories.
985 days ago
Why does it say there are 7 elements? There are only 6...
Generosity, honesty, laughter, kindness, loyalty, and magic
1063 days ago
Princess Celestia In Her Bikini
1150 days ago
Hello! This is my second quiz I made. My first one was about finding your dream dog but this time I went for another passion of mine my favorite show and though it is considered for kids I still absolutely love my little pony! I would really appreciate feedback on the quiz in the comments section. Hope you enjoyed this quiz!