How Much Of A Naruto Fan Are You?

All questions in this quiz are from the Naruto manga. Use this test to find out your ninja rank in terms of how well you know Naruto. Think you're a real Otaku? (In the positive sense of the word) Or maybe not even close to one? Find your pen, take the test and know the answer right now!

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    Who created The Konoha Military Police Force?

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1786 days ago
who 😍ed danzo to the GOKAGE summit
1967 days ago
This quiz is awesome and is the best Naruto quiz I’ve seen on here so far. However, a few of the questions are erroneous and not up-to-date. I do realise that I’m posting this eight years after the quiz was initially made, but if by some small chance you are still part of the Naruto fandom, (and I congratulate you if you are!) it would be great if you could fix those mistakes up.

Otherwise, this was a great quiz and I’ve picked up quite a few things! Keep up the good work! :))