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Naruto Event Quiz

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This quiz is based on the events that happened in Narutoverse.

  • 1
    How did Namikaze Minato ending up by given his son’s name Naruto?
  • 2
    Haruno Sakura tried to kill this person by using a poison kunai.
  • 3
    This village constantly been used as a battle field by 5 great nations during the 3rd Shinobi War.

  • 4
    How did Hoshigaki Kisame passed away?
  • 5
    Karin used to be a Shinobi from this village before working with Orochimaru.
  • 6
    Which of the following is Danzo’s right man that been used by Kabuto to demonstrate Edo Tensei?

  • 7
    Which of the following can use a sealing jutsu to seal the person that been bought back by Edo Tensei jutsu?
  • 8
    How did Uchiha Itachi got free from Yakushi Kabuto’s jutsu?
  • 9
    This person use a spiltting technics insteed of Kage Bunshin.
  • 10
    What kind of seal did Namikaze Minato use to seal the Kyubi inside Uzumaki Naruto’s body?

  • 11
    Which of the Akatsuki member that strongly believe that Uchiha Sasuke is died?
  • 12
    Which Shinobi that manage to control Kyuubi without using doujutsu?
  • 13
    Which of Killer Bee students that always have a negative thinking?
  • 14
    This shinobi thinks that woman is troublesome.
  • 15
    Here comes the famous question. Who is Tobi?

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