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The best and hardest (maybe) Naruto quiz ever!

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Questions meant for the true Naruto fans!

  • 1
    Each of the following are able to go into sage mode EXCEPT
  • 2
    Who in Akatsuki dealt with puppets?
  • 3
    Who was the first to die in the Legendary Sannin?

  • 4
    How many main villages are there?
  • 5
    Jiraiya was thought by toad sages in which land?
  • 6
    Who was the former-former leader of the Hidden Rain Village?
    (also fought the Sannin)

  • 7
    Tobi (and Madara) plans to do what with the moon?
  • 8
    What is the 7-Tails Jinchuuriki's name?
  • 9
    Sasuke fought all of the following EXCEPT
  • 10
    All the following have Rinnegan EXCEPT

  • 11
    Which of the seven swords of the ninja swordsmen of the mist is the strongest and most feared?
  • 12
    Why did the Akatsuki where red clouds on their cloaks?
  • 13
    How many Akatsuki members were there in the series?
  • 14
    What happened to the ten tails?
  • 15
    What Religion is highly influenced in Naruto? (Especially in the Uchiha clan)

Comments (7)


873 days ago
sasuke have rinnegan
minato able to go into sage mode 4th great ninja war
915 days ago
How do you score this, MOST ANSWERS TO SOME OF THE QUESTIONS WERE ALL RIGHT. I don't get this, can someone please explain it to me.
955 days ago
The Fourth Hokage was able to go into Sage Mode. It was said in the 4th ninja war.
1100 days ago
Sasuke has a rinnegan Minato used sage mode in 4th great war just said he wasnt good at it were technically 12 akatsuki members and kiss me wasnt most feared with samehada
1123 days ago
Questionable,I’m sure Sasuke has a rinnegan.I think this needs to be updated,either way this was a great quiz!
2022 days ago
Orochimaru "died" a few times in the series, so it's a bit unfair that it wasn't clarified.

One of your questions has a completely wrong answer. There were definitely **10**Akatsuki in the series, at least regarding primary characters from the start of Shippuden (Itachi and Kisame, Deidara and Sasori, Hidan and Kakuzu, Pain and Konan, Obito and Zetsu = 10). If you want to get technical, Orochimaru was also an Akatsuki in the series at one time, but the question isn't well-defined.

Quiz was overall decent for someone who's seen a lot of Naruto and wants to be tested, but there are technicalities that you've overlooked.
2095 days ago
Two of the answers are wrong. 1. Orochimaru doesn't die at all, people only think he died 2. Sasuke gets Rinnegan during the 4th great shinobi war but Tobi doesn't get rinnegan, when he's obito he does. But your quiz was great!