Naruto Quiz (Seasons 1 to 3)

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First Quiz.: D

  • 1
    Who are Gaara’s two siblings?
  • 2
    What is sealed inside Naruto?
  • 3
    What nature type is the jutsu: Rasengan

  • 4
    Who slaughtered their entire clan?
  • 5
    What is Itachi’s brother’s name?
  • 6
    Which clan is known to have massive chakra reserve?

  • 7
    Who is Kakashi’s so called “rival”.
  • 8
    What nature type is the jutsu: Chidori.
  • 9
    Who is in Team Guy?
  • 10
    Who is the puppet master of the sand? (Only in seasons 1 to 3).

  • 11
    Who is in Team 7?
  • 12
    Which shinobi has the sharingan, but isn’t part of the Uchiha Clan?
  • 13
    Who is the fourth Hokage?
  • 14
    What is Choji’s clan?
  • 15
    What are the three techniques?

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25 days ago
I think this quiz was ez pz lemon sqez
237 days ago
very easy!!! it is a very intresting quiz but it would be even better if you added questions that makes naruto fans have to think
314 days ago
This quiz was easy what a waste of time I could have killed 💯 men while playing this Easy quiz P.S I was trying to act like Sasuke
348 days ago
i got these all right with no wrongs
361 days ago
I am god at this I got them all right
495 days ago
Got all of them right. #narutorocks
525 days ago
I'm a true naruto fan got 15 out of 15 right.
525 days ago
All of them were right
530 days ago
I got 1 wrong it was the last question
535 days ago
I got all of them right,
610 days ago
I got one wrong also I shouldn’t have gotten it wrong the uzumaki clan is not known for holding massive chakra there known for there sealing justu just because naruto has a lot of chakra doesn’t mean that is what the clan is known for just like how the clan is known for there red hair but naruto has yellow hair because of his dad
636 days ago
Oh wow I only got 2 incorrect
826 days ago
Omfg 💑 chidori isn’t lightning it’s compressed dodo
1236 days ago
Rasengan isn't wind / elemental base - it's literally just compressed chakra.