My Naruto quiz!

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This is My Naruto quiz, and this is going to prove if your a real Naruto fan or not. Please tell me if I got anything wrong.. thanks

  • 1
    Who did Naruto first use his rasengan on?
  • 2
    Which hokage was Kakashi?
  • 3
    Who did Naruto have a crush on?

  • 4
    Who did Kabuto work for?
  • 5
    Who is Sasuke’s brother?
  • 6
    Who was Narutos biological father?

  • 7
    Who taught Sasuke the chidori?
  • 8
    What is Naruto’s Favorite food?
  • 9
    How many years did Naruto train after leaving the leaf village?
  • 10
    Who gave Kakashi the sharingan?

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1774 days ago
Thannnkkk yoouuuuu
1776 days ago
He used the Rasengan on tsunami first and that’s when she’s used on her finger to keep her from movin. It wasn’t successful but that isn’t what’s the question is asking
1788 days ago
1788 days ago
Yea Naruto first used it on Tsunade, but it was unsucessful. The first time he effectiveness used the Rasengean was on Kabuto.
1810 days ago
technically the first one is wrong its kabuto the first time he used the rasengan was on kabuto
1823 days ago
I really like playing this quizes.I love it.😘
1823 days ago
Lol thanks for the feed back 😅. Naruto still tried to use it on her first,dodge or no dodge.
1827 days ago
Tsunade had made a bet that Naruto wont be able to master that Jutsu, but he proved her wrong when he used that jutsu on Kabuto while trying to protect to Tsunade when she was almost shivering from her Haemophobia. get your facts right please.
1830 days ago
get your facts right