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Questions about Uchiha

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Hi.Take this question if you really an Uchiha fan

  • 1
    Who is the founder and ancestor of Uchiha clan?
  • 2
    Why did Itachi killed his clan?
  • 3
    Who had the strongest Genjutsu in the Uchiha clan?

  • 4
    How did Itachi gained his
    Mangekyō Sharingan?
  • 5
    What is the ability of Sasuke's Mangekyō Sharingan and Rinnegan?
  • 6
    What was Itachi's own Mangekyo Sharingan ability?

  • 7
    What is the color of Shisui's Susanoo?
  • 8
    Where did Itachi Uchiha die?
  • 9
    From whom did Sasuke get his Six-tomoe Rinnegan?
  • 10
    Which Dōjutsu can read the stone tablet in Naka shrine read clearly?

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1714 days ago
I recommend you to watch the anime completely
1725 days ago
Half of the facts are wrong.
1747 days ago
i apologize please forgive me.I will get my facts right
1774 days ago
You should have specified when exactly was Obito about to die. This way, there are 2 correct answers for your question. Madara and Minato both saved his life at some point in the story
1817 days ago
Eh, in which datebook is the infiinite tsukuyomi the uchiha's forbidden jutsu? the answer is izanagi, as explained by danzo and tobi and also by itachi. Get your facts right
1888 days ago
This is really hard quiz