How well do you know Ninjago? Quiz

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  • 1
    Let's start off easy; Who's the green ninja?
  • 2
    What is the correct order of who unlocked their full potentials first?
  • 3
    What does Jay say when he's complaining about the great Devourer? (When the Devourer just ate the bounty and they're taking shelter)

  • 4
    What is Kai's and Nya's blacksmith shop called?
  • 5
    Who unleashed the constricted and venomari?
  • 6
    When Kai tried to negotiate with Ronin for the price of the airjitzu scroll, what ended up being the price?

  • 7
    Who ends up being the waterninja?
  • 8
    Who ends up fighting each other in the tournament of elements episode; Versus?
  • 9
    When Jay accidentally spills ink on ____'s scroll in the Cloud Kingdom something happens.... Who's scroll was it?
  • 10
    After Zane saved the city from the overlord and risked his life, what ninja did he become?

  • 11
    Who learned spinjitzu first?
  • 12
    Who is Nya's perfect match?
  • 13
    Who eventually ends up with Nya? (Showed in the episode; grave danger)
  • 14
    When Cole says "Watch your step Nya...." When going down the sewer hole in season 3 to see the serpentine) what did Nya reply with?
  • 15
    Where was the great devoured weak spot?
  • 16
    When Sensei Wu turned all the ninjas black ninja clothes into their new ninja gi who said "whoa look what color I am!"

  • 17
    Who is Lord Garmadons son?
  • 18
    What are Jay's parent's names?
  • 19
    Who sees gingerbread men and elves when the venomari attacks him?
  • 20
    Last one:)
    Who helps the overlord when the ninja turn off the power and how does he have power?

Comments (61)


39 days ago
Jay wasn’t he Made him self adopted by an wish and at the end every thing got set back
91 days ago
Bro your test is a lie Fritz Donegal is Jay’s true father because Jay was adopted by Ed and Edna
209 days ago
you spelled mouth in question 15 wrong that's moth as in the insect not complaining just making sure you're aware have a good day
829 days ago
Lmao same-
864 days ago
How did you do people do?
864 days ago
Yes I got it all right!I can't believe it!
876 days ago
20/20 it’s not like i watched every episode of ninjago atleast 1252682 times.
892 days ago
My little brother got 14/20. He is majorly disappointed 😄
963 days ago
19 out of 20, yessir!!!!!!Huge fan.
974 days ago
Well I got 17 questions out of 20,well I av watched all d seasons from 1-13 did year can't wait for d next season !!!!!! Huge ningago fan. love u guys
1000 days ago
I answered 7/20, but i like so so so much Ninjago. It's the only thing i draw everyday. Jay and nya are the best ninjas ever. LOL. Pls for season 14 and season 10000
1052 days ago
I am the biggest ninjago fan I whatch it everyday!!!!
1074 days ago
two favorite ninja... er- ninja-ish :P Morro and Lloyd XD
WHAT?! THEYRE COOL!! …I also just finished watching Possession XD
1137 days ago
Kai is 500 times beter than Lloyd
1155 days ago
im probably the biggest ninjago fan around.
1155 days ago
i am trying to watch season 12 episode 5 . i wathed every episode season 12 the prime emperor.
1158 days ago
zane is the ice emperir
1181 days ago
I only watch up to season 8 but I got 'em all right!
1257 days ago
well i missed 2... but... IM STILL THY BIGGEST NINZHAGO FAN AROUND!! p.s. i said ninzhago from when faith in seoson 9 hunted said it
1315 days ago
I got them all right first try lol but I wasn't sure about what Jay said when he saw the devourer after he ate the bounty, also season 10 is the best ever!