How well do you know Ninjago? Quiz

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  • 1
    Let's start off easy; Who's the green ninja?
  • 2
    What is the correct order of who unlocked their full potentials first?
  • 3
    What does Jay say when he's complaining about the great Devourer? (When the Devourer just ate the bounty and they're taking shelter)

  • 4
    What is Kai's and Nya's blacksmith shop called?
  • 5
    Who unleashed the constricted and venomari?
  • 6
    When Kai tried to negotiate with Ronin for the price of the airjitzu scroll, what ended up being the price?

  • 7
    Who ends up being the waterninja?
  • 8
    Who ends up fighting each other in the tournament of elements episode; Versus?
  • 9
    When Jay accidentally spills ink on ____'s scroll in the Cloud Kingdom something happens.... Who's scroll was it?
  • 10
    After Zane saved the city from the overlord and risked his life, what ninja did he become?

  • 11
    Who learned spinjitzu first?
  • 12
    Who is Nya's perfect match?
  • 13
    Who eventually ends up with Nya? (Showed in the episode; grave danger)
  • 14
    When Cole says "Watch your step Nya...." When going down the sewer hole in season 3 to see the serpentine) what did Nya reply with?
  • 15
    Where was the great devoured weak spot?
  • 16
    When Sensei Wu turned all the ninjas black ninja clothes into their new ninja gi who said "whoa look what color I am!"

  • 17
    Who is Lord Garmadons son?
  • 18
    What are Jay's parent's names?
  • 19
    Who sees gingerbread men and elves when the venomari attacks him?
  • 20
    Last one:)
    Who helps the overlord when the ninja turn off the power and how does he have power?

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1330 days ago
I love miniature . Kai is my favourite but I am Jay, bed is my seconded favourite
1364 days ago
Dave, if you think that jay wasn't adopted then you're the one who didn't watch season 6 correctly. Nadakhan only revealed his past, not change it.
1373 days ago
Well if y’all saw the show it’s said cole is nya perfect match ,so that’s right but she ends up with jay!
1380 days ago
So, they do know about that
1380 days ago
Natalie, I agree with you about Jay and Nya, but there was an episode in season 3 about that
1387 days ago
I loved the quiz, but COLE AND NYA = NO . JAY AND NYA= YES. Clearly you do not know a lot about that))
1390 days ago
Anybody who says that jay wasn’t adopted adopted, cause he wished it from Nadakhan is wrong. Because Nadakhan says in the episode, “I simply revealed a part of the past you weren’t aware of”
1400 days ago
This quiz is good
1408 days ago
Ed and Edna are Jay's adopted parents you would know this if you watch skybound.
1477 days ago
1477 days ago
1512 days ago
Great test. Love the the questions. Also whoever says that jay is adopted is dumb. And you didn't watch season 6 correctly. Anyways great quiz. 😀
1520 days ago
Zane is ma fave
1525 days ago
Hmm so I'm a Ninjago master now? Cool
1556 days ago
I love ninjago so much lloyd is my fates character ever
1595 days ago
Jay is no,t adopted he made a wish with the chin and 20/20 I really know ninjago
1610 days ago
My fav character is pixal. She rules. This quiz is to easy.
1611 days ago
I thank the ninja for visiting me!!!1!111!0011!!
1618 days ago
Fyi if yo have watched season 6 yo should know that Jay is adopted.
1634 days ago