One Piece - East Blue Quiz

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A quiz about the East Blue Saga in the manga/anime One Piece.

  • 1
    Gold Roger was also know by what title?
  • 2
    How does Luffy get the scar on his face?
  • 3
    What is the name of the captain of the Red Hair Pirates?

  • 4
    Luffy eats what type of fruit?
  • 5
    What does Shanks lose saving Luffy?
  • 6
    Who is the first person Luffy meets on his journey?

  • 7
    What is the name of the first villain Luffy fights?
  • 8
    Who is the little girl who makes Zoro a rice ball?
  • 9
    What is the name of Axe Hand Morgan's son?
  • 10
    Zoro uses what style of swordplay?

  • 11
    Who defeats Captain Axe Hand Morgan?
  • 12
    What was the name of Zoro's childhood rival?
  • 13
    What is the name of the sword Zoro inherits from his childhood friend?
  • 14
    How does Luffy arrive in Orange Town?
  • 15
    What is the name of the thief that Luffy meets in Orange Town?
  • 16
    What is the name of the dog Luffy meets?

  • 17
    Buggy uses what to destroy part of Orange Town?
  • 18
    What is the name of the Lion that Luffy defeats?
  • 19
    What is the name of the beast tamer Luffy faces?
  • 20
    The Mayor of Orange Town gets beaten by who?

  • 21
    Zoro fights which of Buggy's crewmates?
  • 22
    What is the name of the devil fruit Buggy ate?
  • 23
    Which character was on the same ship as Buggy years ago?
  • 24
    How does Buggy lose his fight against Luffy?
  • 25
    What did Gaimon get stuck inside?
  • 26
    Gaimon was a former what?

  • 27
    What is the name of Usopp's father?
  • 28
    What does Usopp run through the village shouting everyday?
  • 29
    Who is the girl that Usopp visits?
  • 30
    Which of the following is one of Kaya's servants?

  • 31
    The butler Klahadore is actually a former pirate called by what name?
  • 32
    What are the names of the Nyaban brothers?
  • 33
    Jango is a specialist at what?
  • 34
    Kuro pretends to be a butler in order to get what?
  • 35
    What is the name of the marine Jango hypnotised into believing he had caught Captain Kuro?
  • 36
    What was Captain Kuro's former bounty?
  • 37
    What is the name of the ship that is given to Luffy by Kaya?
  • 38
    Who paints the Straw Hat insignia on the main mast?
  • 39
    What are the names of the two bounty hunters the Straw Hats meet?
  • 40
    What is the name of the Marine who gets beaten by Sanji?
  • 41
    How many years does Zeff tell Luffy he has to work for?
  • 42
    What is the name of the floating restaurant?
  • 43
    What is the name of the pirate that Sanji feeds after he is thrown out of the restaurant?
  • 44
    Which devious pirate captain targets the Baratie?
  • 45
    The man who defeated Don Krieg in the Grand Line is known by what name?
  • 46
    Mihawk is regarded as the best what in the world?
  • 47
    Pearl is defeated by who?
  • 48
    What is the name of the gas Don Krieg uses?
  • 49
    Zeff was a pirate known by what name?
  • 50
    What is the name of the sea Sanji wants to find?
  • 51
    What is the name of the warlord Arlong fought alongside in the Grand Line?
  • 52
    What race are the Arlong Pirates from?
  • 53
    What is the name of the town Arlong and his crew destroyed?
  • 54
    How does Zoro get captured by Arlong?
  • 55
    Usopp is caught and brought back to Arlong Park by which fishman?
  • 56
    What relationship to Nami is Nojiko?
  • 57
    Who wears a pinwheel on their hat?
  • 58
    Nami is accused of killing which character?
  • 59
    Zoro tricks which Octopus fishman?
  • 60
    Arlong kills Bellemare for what reason?
  • 61
    How much money does Arlong want from Nami to free Cocoyashi Village?
  • 62
    What is the name of Nami's adoptive mother?
  • 63
    What is the name of Arlong's weapon?
  • 64
    What is the name of the Sea Cow Luffy defeats?
  • 65
    Luffy becomes incapacitated during the fight with Arlong, who eventually frees him?
  • 66
    What is the name of the fishman that Sanji defeats?
  • 67
    Where does the fight between Luffy and Arlong finish?
  • 68
    Nami gets a tattoo of which two items after Arlong Park falls?
  • 69
    Who is the Marine Captain who puts a bounty on Luffy's head?
  • 70
    What is the amount of Luffy's first bounty?
  • 71
    Who does Buggy meet on his little journey to get his body back?
  • 72
    Who replaces Buggy as Captain temporarily?
  • 73
    Which infamous figure was executed in Loguetown?
  • 74
    Loguetown is also known as what?
  • 75
    Who is the Marine Captain in charge of the Marine Base in Loguetown?
  • 76
    What does Luffy want to see in Loguetown?
  • 77
    What is the name of the cursed sword Zoro receives?
  • 78
    Zoro receives two swords in Loguetown, what is the name of the heirloom sword which the owner gives to Zoro?
  • 79
    Alvida returns a changed person after eating which devil fruit?
  • 80
    Who almost kills Luffy in Loguetown?
  • 81
    What saves Luffy from execution in Loguetown?
  • 82
    What did Roger do before he died which left a big impression on Smoker?
  • 83
    Who attempts to burn the Going Merry in Loguetown?
  • 84
    Zoro defeats Tashigi who reminds him of which old friend?
  • 85
    What is the name of the devil fruit Smoker ate?
  • 86
    Who stops Smoker from capturing Luffy?
  • 87
    What is the name of the Marine Vice Admiral that takes Coby and Helmeppo with him?
  • 88
    The area of the seas which host the Sea King Nests is known by which name?
  • 89
    What is the most conventional way to enter the Grand Line?
  • 90
    Why is Reverse Mountain special?

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