One Piece general quiz (Anime)

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A general One Piece quiz based entirely on the anime (no manga or movies/specials). There will be references to filler arcs.

  • 1
    Which Devil Fruit has Monkey D. Luffy eaten?
  • 2
    Who is Luffy's first opponent?
  • 3
    How many Devil Fruits were displayed in the East Blue?

  • 4
    How many Logia-type Devil Fruit users have been seen?
  • 5
    Who are the three Marine Admirals before the time-skip?
  • 6
    Who are the seven Warlords at the beginning of the show?

  • 7
    Who is the first Warlord to appear in the series?
  • 8
    Which Warlord debuted with the lowest bounty?
  • 9
    What promise did Zoro make to Luffy after losing to Mihawk?
  • 10
    Who was the first friend Luffy made on his voyage?

  • 11
    Who are Luffy's adopted brother(s)?
  • 12
    Who are the four Emperors at the beginning of the series?
  • 13
    Who has the highest bounty in the series (as of the Katakuri v Luffy fight)?
  • 14
    Eustass Kid allied with which two other Supernovas?
  • 15
    Who are the 11 Supernovas?
  • 16
    Which pirate went from no-name, to Warlord, to Emperor in the span of only 1 year?

  • 17
    Who gave Luffy his Straw Hat?
  • 18
    Who was the last member to join the Straw Hat Pirates (as of the Katakuri v Luffy fight)?
  • 19
    Why did Kid, Apoo, and Hawkins make an alliance?
  • 20
    What stopped the Kid/Apoo/Hawkins alliance?

  • 21
    Who is considered the most dangerous Supernova and why (as of the Sabaody Archipelago Arc)?
  • 22
    Who is the "Strongest Creature"?
  • 23
    Who was the old God of Skypiea, and who replaced him?
  • 24
    Who is the Fleet Admiral of the Marines at the beginning of the series?
  • 25
    Which Marine was the closest to catching Roger?
  • 26
    What name did Ace go by?

  • 27
    Who raised Luffy?
  • 28
    How many Logia users has Luffy taken down?
  • 29
    Where was Roger born and executed?
  • 30
    Who gave Ace to the World Government in exchange for a position as Warlord?

  • 31
    What Devil Fruit did Ace have?
  • 32
    Who ate Ace's Devil Fruit after his death?
  • 33
    How many children did Vinsmoke Judge have?
  • 34
    Who is Vinsmoke Reiju?
  • 35
    Where was Sanji originally born?
  • 36
    Which of the 6 seas is considered the most peaceful?
  • 37
    What is the All Blue?
  • 38
    Who ate the Rust-Rust Fruit?
  • 39
    What form did Luffy use to defeat Gekko Moriah?
  • 40
    What Devil Fruit type does Katakuri have?
  • 41
    Who has a bounty of 1,000,000,000 belli?
  • 42
    Who was the second person in the Straw Hat Pirates to get a bounty?
  • 43
    How many members of the Straw Hat Pirates joined the crew while already having bounties?
  • 44
    Who is "Axe-Hand" Morgan's son?
  • 45
    Who founded the Sun Pirates?
  • 46
    Who was the antagonist of the Long Ring Long Land Arc?
  • 47
    Who are the Sweet 3 Generals?
  • 48
    Who is Streusen?
  • 49
    Who ate the Whisper-Whisper Fruit?
  • 50
    What is Boa Hancock's (frozen) bounty?
  • 51
    Who ate the Bug-Bug, Model Rhinoceros Beetle Fruit?
  • 52
    Where does the Mink Tribe live?
  • 53
    What is the Ryugu Kingdom?
  • 54
    What is the name of the Sea Restaurant in the East Blue?
  • 55
    What is the correct order of antagonists that Luffy fought in the East Blue (NOT counting flashbacks or fights against the same person multiple times)?
  • 56
    During which Arc did Dragon first appear?
  • 57
    Who was the only person to ever break out of Impel Down before Luffy's mass-breakout?
  • 58
    Which of these people have become Warlords since the beginning of the series?
  • 59
    Who was the strongest member of CP-9?
  • 60
    Who did Blackbeard break out of Impel Down?
  • 61
    Which of these is not a real Devil Fruit?

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1217 days ago
hey so question 39 about moriah getting beat by nightmare luffy is wrong.
BEcause the last hit was by his combinaton of gear 2nd and gear 3rd. last hit against shadows asgard to not only defeat moriah, but return the shadows.
1564 days ago
Buggy a warlord since the beginning of the series
1584 days ago
Nah, all of them are correct I had a few mistakes like: there were 6 Devil Fruits mentioned in East Blue (Rubber, Smoke, Smooth, Seperate, Slice and Whisper fruits).
There were 3 members who joined the crew while having their bounties Robin, Brook, Franky (they got him in because he got a bounty because of them... so he had a bounty before becoming an official member) and Jimbei.
And there were 10 Logia fruits mentioned thus far not 12.
--> Ace and Sabo (Fire), Monet (Snow), Caribou (Swamp), Sakazuki/Akainu (Lava), Barsalino/Kizaru (Light), Kuzan/Aokiji (Ice), Caeser Clown (Gas), Smoker (Smoke), Crocodile (Sand), Blackbeard (Darkness).
1602 days ago
multiple of the answers on the quiz are wrong