Ed, Edd, and Eddy Test
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Ed, Edd, and Eddy Test

I know every single dialogue in that show. I am immortal at this great cartoon. How well do you know it?

Question 1:Ed Quote: "I dare you ____ to sprout the wings of a ___, stomp like a _______, while whistling _____ through a car wash." (Put the missing words in order)
Edd, bat, zombie, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Eddy, bat, boar, Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Eddy, eagle, zombie, Mary Had A Little Lamb
Eddy, bat, zombie, Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Question 2:What does Eddy tell Ed and Edd to hire when he shows them his speedos for Nazz's sprinler party?
Security Guard

Question 3:What is Rolf chewing when Edd is teaching the kids in the Scavenger Hunt episode?
The grease from Grandpa's foot soakings
The grease from Papa's foot soakings

Question 4:When Nazz starts to yodel in the episode where Eddy's brother "comes back", what breaks?
Window, a vase, and Edd
Window, a glass cup, Ed
Vase, a glass cup, window, Ed
Window, a vase, and Ed

Question 5:What disorder does Eddy's brother have?
He's lactose-intolerant
He has acromegaly
He has dwarfism
He can't eat vegetables

Question 6:What three things did Ed call before he blew the whistle when the Eds were taking care of Jimmy?
Foul, Icing, Cross-Checking
Checking, Offsides, Penalty
Foul, Offsides, Penalty

Question 7:When Johnny was trying to find a new friend, what did Bob refer his head to?

Question 8:What three names of the Kanker's dads were on the Eds robes in that early episode?
Butch, Rob, Chuck
Rob, Mitch, Charlie
Butch, Roberto, Craig
Let me ask you something, how can the Kanker sisters have 3 dads?

Question 9:What did Ed want Eddy to paint the cement mixer as?
Aztec Temple
Mayan Temple
Incan Temple

Question 10:What type of tree did Ed crash Jimmy and Edd with?
Southern Dutch Elm
Western Dutch Elm
Eastern Dutch Elm
Northern Dutch Elm

Question 11:In what order were the characters shown in the newspaper episode?
Eddy, Rolf, Ed, Edd, Kevin, Sarah and Jimmy
Ed, Edd, Eddy, Kevin, Rolf, Jimmy, Sarah
Eddy, Ed, Rolf, Edd, Jimmy and Sarah
Eddy, Rolf, Jimmy, Sarah, Edd, Ed

Question 12:In what block radius did Ed consume all the cul-de-sac's food?

Question 13:As you know Edd has a broad vocabulary. What does purged mean?
Get rid off

Question 14:Ed Quote: "I'll bet this key opens big gates of molten lava, releasing demons from a box of oat bran, on the shelf of a mutant truck stop." Is this quote correct?
I don't know
He never says this quote

Question 15:What does Ed keep in his wall?
Gravy Bowls
Pieces of buttered toast

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