Eva Synch Test
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Eva Synch Test

Are you a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion? Think you know more then the pilots themselves? Well, slide into your tacky jumpsuit and get ready for barrage of tough Eva questions which will leave you guessing to the last!

Question 1:S2 stands for..
Secondary Synchmeter
Solar Synergy
Soul Soundwave
Super Solanoid

Question 2:SEELE means this, in German.

Question 3:The "First" Impact occurred...
65 million years ago
In the year 2000, in Antarctica
In the year 2015, in Tokyo-3

Question 4:Kaoru Nagisa's synch ratio was..
Roughly as good as Shinji's
Not as good as Shinjis but better then Asukas
Off the scale
Completely devoid of synch

Question 5:What was the name of the program that kept the other Magi computers from hacking into the main Magi computer?
Norton's Anti-Virus
666 Protector
Omega Firewall

Question 6:An AT field means..
Absolute Tenacity field
Absolute Trinity field
Absolute Terror field

Question 7:How are people known about he coming of the Angels?
SEELE told them
Gendo told them
The Dead Sea Scrolls
The Second Impact

Question 8:Central Dogma is..
Lillith is kept
Where they monitor the Angel attacks
The area out of the range of the umbilical cables
The world after Third Impact

Question 9:Who's combat simulations do they use to make the Dummy Plug?
Rei Ayanami
Asuka Langly Soryuu
Shnji Ikari
Toji Suzuhara
Kaoru Nagisa

Question 10:Who were combined to make Third Impact?
Eva 01 and Lillith
Rei and Lillith
Adam and Lillith
Adam, Gendo, and Lillith
Rei and Adam

Question 11:Eva, in German, means..
To Evolve

Question 12:Shinji has destroyed, or helped destroy, this many angels.

Question 13:What are the names of the 3 computers in the Magi system (In order from what was said in the show)
Casper, Melchior and Balthasar
Balthasar, Casper, Melchior
Melchior, Balthasar and Casper

Question 14:How many Angels are there in total? (Lillith included, Excluding Angel 02 which was never shown.)

Question 15:This was the first Eva Unit to activate an S2 engine.
Eva 01
Eva 05
Eva 03

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