CLAMP ~ Quiz!
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CLAMP ~ Quiz!

How proficient are you with the works of CLAMP, one of the best anime producers ever? Take the quiz to find out!

Question 1:   Which is a CLAMP work?
Bishoujo Senshi -Sailormoon-
DiGi Charat
Love Hina

Question 2:   Which classic story was taken and 'adapted', or twisted rather, into an ecchi anime by CLAMP?
Snow White
The Frog Prince
Alice in Wonderland

Question 3:   Which character appeared in the anime Cardcaptor Sakura, but not in the manga?

Question 4:   In Magic Knights Rayearth, what was the name of the cute, but really weird, white creature following the three Magic Knights around their journey in Cefiro?

Question 5:   What was the ending song name for the anime Chobits?
*starry sky*
Ame agari
Raison d'etre

Question 6:   What's the name of the latest manga CLAMP has produced, still in the works?
Angelic Layer
Cardcaptor Sakura

Question 7:   *toughie!* How many 'Killer Moves' does Tamayo in Angelic Layer have, which she displays to Misaki by demonstrating on the long-suffering Keitarou in the karate dojo?

Question 8:   In Cardcaptor Sakura, what was the name of the original owner of the magic cards Sakura controls?
Mokona Apapa
Clow Read
Jounouchi Sai

Question 9:   In Miyuki-chan in the Wonderland, who was the first to lose in the game of strip mahjongg in which Miyuki-chan was forced to participate in?
The air stewardess.
The nurse.
The business woman.
Miyuki. She stinks as mahjongg.

Question 10:   In Angelic Layer, what did Jounouchi Sai say as she stood outside the intensive care unit, watching as her younger sister, Rin, succumbed to her terminal illness?
How could she die so young?
I will fight for you, Rin, and participate in Angelic Layer with your angel, as you wanted to yourself.
I will name the angel you have created Shirahime, Rin.
Why does she have the will to dream, but not to live?

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