{Battousai Brain Quiz}
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{Battousai Brain Quiz}

You probably think you know everything about Rurouni Kenshin, but do you think you can answer questions about both Kenshin's past and present? Take the "Battousai Bran Quiz" to find out!

Question 1:   Why did Kenshin and Seijuro Hiko argue a lot when Kenshin was Hiko's apprentice?
Because Hiko always said Kenshin was too weak
Because Kenshin was always evil and dark and had no heart
Because Hiko and Kenshin were on different levels of achievements
Because they both had different beliefs about the Hiten Mitsurugi Style

Question 2:   Where did Kenshin meet Tomoe?
On the street
In a bar
She ended up in his house
On top of a mountain
In a cave

Question 3:   When Tomoe saw Kenshin kill a Shogunate member, what did she say it felt like?
She said it felt like Hell was laughing
She said it felt like Kenshin had no heart
She didn't say anything...
She said it felt like "bloody rain."

Question 4:   Who is Enishi?
A Shogunate member
Kenshin's best friend
Tomoe's younger brother
Some guy Kenshin met in the bar
Seijuro Hiko's father

Question 5:   How does Tomoe die?
She stabs herself in the heart
She falls off a cliff
Random Shogunate members beat her to death
Kenshin accidentally slashes her in the back
She had cancer

Question 6:   When did Kenshin give up his Battousai ways?
He just gave up one day
He lost his sword and couldn't fight anymore
He hasn't given up his ways!
When Tomoe died

Question 7:   How did Kenshin receive his FIRST scar?
Someone throw a rock at him
While training with Hiko, he received it
He hit himself by mistake while trying to run after an assassin
Before he killed a Shogunate member, the man slashed Kenshin because he wanted to say his fiancé again

Question 8:   How did Kenshin receive his SECOND scar?
He wanted his cheek to look like an "X"
Hiko was pissed at him for not listening so he slashed him
Tomoe slashed him before she died
A man shot a bullet that skinned his cheek

Question 9:   What is the Hiten Mitsurugi's Ultimate and Final Attack?
Kuzu Ryu Sen
Feng Shui
Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki
Running Water

Question 10:   What is the REAL name of Shouga Amakusa's sister?
Princess Gilda

Question 11:   At the end of the last OVA, Kenshin dies in Kaoru's hand at which location?
In the Kamiya Dojo
The exact spot where Kenshin was born
It was just a random spot under trees!
The same spot where he said bye to her years ago when he went to fight Shishio

Question 12:   What does Seijuro Hiko say at the end of the last OVA?
That Kenshin was his "real" apprentice and he'll vener forget him
That the Hiten Mitsurugi Style will continue on in the name of Kenshin!
He says, "Shinta, die peacefully."
He says, "May the heavens welcome you and keep you Shinta."
That the Hiten Mitsurugi Style will die along with him

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