The Ultimate Magician Quiz

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How much do you really know about Ace Cooper, the Magician, along with his friends and his enemies? See if you can pass the ultimate test of crime fighting magic.

  • 1
    In what fictional city does almost all the action take place?
  • 2
    What is the exact name of Ace Cooper's home?
  • 3
    Of these five characters, which of them is NOT an enemy of Ace Cooper?

  • 4
    Who is the "mayor" of the city?
  • 5
    Here's the last of the really simple questions: Who is Ace Cooper's young partner?
  • 6
    Test your episode knowledge for the next five questions: Name the episode in this list only in which Ace Cooper does NOT summon the Magic Force.

  • 7
    In which episode does Ace disguise himself as a player in a rather odd sport?
  • 8
    Name the only two-part episode in the entire series.
  • 9
    Name the episode in which a deranged game show host uses dangerous challenges to make celebrities victims.
  • 10
    Name the episode where Ace has to confront every villain he has dealt with.

  • 11
    The last 10 questions all have to do with characters, so think carefully on these: Which of these characters has been in three episodes, none of which aired in the United States?
  • 12
    In the episode "Twin Brothers," Ace has to deal with someone who looks exactly like him. Mona Malone makes an important discovery to tell the fake Ace from the real Ace. What is it?
  • 13
    In the episode "Virtual Fatality," who is trying to steal Ace's magical secrets using virtual reality?
  • 14
    In "X-Oshi," what is the name of Hotchkiss's X-Oshi who ends up being the only one allowed to still function?
  • 15
    "Mad Train" featured Bill Peach taking control of the Magic Express and using it to crash into the new amusement park Senator Dobbs had built. What was the reasoning behind Peach's attempt?
  • 16
    In "Professor Cosmo," Cosmo uses his wavelength modifier to stop a huge robot from causing damage for a little while, but Black Jack gains control and nearly finishes Cosmo. From whom did Jack steal the robot originally?

  • 17
    In "Vega Gate," Derek Vega gets himself into trouble in a dirty-dealing set up by a singer. Even though this episode didn't air in the United States, Derek did mention the singer's name in "Twin Brothers." Who is the singer?
  • 18
    In the episode "Croesus Crisis," what event is Black Jack attending when he starts acting strangely?
  • 19
    What invention by Professor Jonathan Surge was praised in the episode "Faceless," but scrapped by the time "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" came around?
  • 20
    In "Stop Clowning Around," Ace has to stop a car with a bomb from crashing to the ground in the middle of the circus. In the flashback sequence, what does Ace rescue from a fall with his magic?

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