So you think you know 'Regular Show', PROVE IT! Quiz

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As a guy who knows Regular Show (which is my favourite cartoon of all time) I want to see if you know it as well as I do!

  • 1
    Does Rigby have a brother?
  • 2
    Is "Dunwoody" Benson's last name?
  • 3
    Muscle Man dumped Starla to date Mordecai's Sister?

  • 4
    The reason 'Skips' always skips is because of his dead girlfriend.
  • 5
    Is Thomas actually a Russian Spy?
  • 6
    Pops Dies in the series finally.

  • 7
    Does Mordecai kill Rigby inorder to stop him from going ou with Magaret?
  • 8
    Rigby got his diploma before Mordecai?
  • 9
    Benson dumped Pam for Audrey?
  • 10
    In the episode "Rage Against The Tv" the Hammer's weakness is furniture.

  • 11
    Crazy Question! Is Party Pete's real name Herman?
  • 12
    Is Rigby the reason Mordecai didn't get into "College U"?
  • 13
    Did Muscle Man get Rigby a TV in the episode "White Elephant Gift"?
  • 14
    Does Carl Weathers voice a character on the show?
  • 15
    Mordecai & Rigby created the TimeNedo?
  • 16
    In episode 'Expert or Liar' Benson fails to spell the word"BANDANA"

  • 17
    Did CJ ever send Mordecai a picture of a Bra in episode "1000th Chopper Helicopter Ride"
  • 18
    Did Rigby Kiss Magaret in the episode "It's Time"?
  • 19
    Does Skips die in the end?
  • 20
    Does Hi Five Ghost Have A Girlfriend named "Celia"?

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566 days ago
16/20 boissssssssssss. the ending is so sad tho :(. literally the best cartoon ever
694 days ago
Welp- there he goes #FLYHIGHPOPS ;w; also——- I feel bad for Mordecai, YOU KNOW.
752 days ago
It's a awesome quiz. ❤❤❤
863 days ago
Really good quiz I will play it everyday!!!!

I can’t believe pops died😭😭😰
1459 days ago
omfgomfgomg im in the middle of math and almost cried when i saw that pops died in regular show omfg