True Transformer Troupes

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In this quiz expect basic question about transformers

  • 1
    Who was the first transformer to set foot on earth?
  • 2
    When the Apollo 11 landed on the moon what did they find?
  • 3
    Who was the first leader of the autobots?

  • 4
    Who lost their voice box in a battle?
  • 5
    Who was the main enemy in transformers age of extinction?
  • 6
    Why did Lockdown hunt Optimas?

  • 7
    What object was Sam attacked for in the first transformers movie?
  • 8
    What is Sam Whitwiky's ebay user name?
  • 9
    Who discovered Megatron on earth?
  • 10
    Who is the prime of life?

  • 11
    What does one shall rise one fall mean?

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478 days ago
Number six is incorrect, heres why......
Lockdown (To Optimus): You think you where born, no. You where built, and your creators want you back.

No here to criticize, just helping :)