Paw Patrol Quiz

This is a quiz about one of my very favorite shows, Paw Patrol. If you watch and love the show as much as I do - and I suspect that's the case, since you're checking this out - you should slay this quiz I created for fans just like me. Good luck!

  • 1
    Which one is the fire pup?
    Which one is the fire pup?
  • 2
    Which one is the mayor of Adventure Bay?
  • 3
    Zuma is the recycling pup - true or false?

  • 4
    Which one has naughty kittens?
  • 5
    What's the name of the cow who farmer Umie owns?
  • 6
    Chase has a net - true or false?

  • 7
    How old is Ryder?
  • 8
    Which network is Paw Patrol on?
  • 9
    Does Rubble like to stay dry?
  • 10
    How many pups are in the team?

Comments (39)


1037 days ago
this was fun
1044 days ago
amala ryder isnt a pup first and when this quiz went out tracker wasn't in it yet so get ur facts straight
1044 days ago
y u reading this do something else with ur life
1062 days ago
I got 9 out of 10 and am very proud of myself as for you guys
1072 days ago
Why I got 7 out of 10 and fell out of bed
1075 days ago
I like all the pups including Ryder
1079 days ago
My little brother loves pawpatrol((
1084 days ago
This is way too easy for me!
1084 days ago
i guess i did ok i love paw patrol i sit hours watching it with my little brother nearly every night
1095 days ago
I love paw patrol but I only got 6 out of 10 and my favourite pup is sky and everest cause they are really cute but marshall is just so clumsy.
1127 days ago
I love Chase his so cute and home some. Chase is one of favorite pup in the PAW Patrol.
1131 days ago
#pawpatrol this quiz was great 💙💎🌸
1131 days ago
I love paw patrol .
1188 days ago
Well my Brother likes ya'll movie
But,I don't like it
1233 days ago
Enjoy your Sunday to
1249 days ago
Test quiz today we done tow quizzes on this quiz I was a bit hard but we did it
1308 days ago
1394 days ago
Ryder is 10. According to what I've seen looking it up. Also the summary of the show says he's 10. :P
1740 days ago
I was THINKING This was based on the PRE-EVEREST Paw patrol… But I'm GRATEFUL IT ISN'T! & as for Ryder's AGE… Well… Suppose I Can't Blame Ya!