Are you a Pokemon Master?
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Are you a Pokemon Master?

Question 1:   You are lost in the Viridian Forest. Do you . . .
Set up a camp for the night. You'll get out tomorrow.
Try to get out.

Question 2:   You would most like to train . . .
A strong one.
Any, so long as it's loyal to you.

Question 3:   Ash challenges you to a battle. You . . .
Run away!
Thrash him! You're the pro!
Suggest you watch TV instead.

Question 4:   Which of these best describes your personality?
Easily frightened.

Question 5:   You would like to live in a . . .
A Caravan.
I like to travel, so . . . a tent!
House. Who wouldn’t?

Question 6:   What is your dream?
To be braver!
To travel.
Care for animals.

Question 7:   Who is Ash's Rival?
Team Rocket?

Question 8:   What is Prof. Oak to Gary?
His friend.
His Grampa.

Question 9:   Why did Ash receive Pikachu?
He asked Prof.Oak for it.
Receive? I thought he caught it with a Pokeball.
Oak gave it to him because it was the last Pokemon he had.

Question 10:   Who is the Celadon Gym leader?
Celadon isn't a Town.

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