Are you the ultimate? (pokemon trainer)

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This quiz will tell how good are you at handling pokemon, how much you care for your pokemon and last but not least your battling strategy

  • 1
    What pokemon will you choose as a starter?
  • 2
    What berry would you use to awaken your pokemon if it is asleep?
  • 3
    Where will you find Moltres?

  • 4
    If your pokemon is fainted, what will you use?
  • 5
    If you are battling against a pokemon with high defence, what attack will you use against it first?
  • 6
    If you are fighting against a Deoxys(which you must not catch ), what kind of attack would you use?

  • 7
    If you are planning to make green poffins/pokeblocks which berry are you most likely to use?
  • 8
    How you get in cerulean cave?
  • 9
    What must you do to activate the amulet coin?
  • 10
    If you have a pokemon that needs a special stone (example: thunder stone)to evolve, when would you plan to give to?

  • 11
    If your pokemon`s hp is presently at the red zone what will you give it?
  • 12
    What is Charmander final stage?
  • 13
    What do you think of pokemon?

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1614 days ago
Bruh I’m a gym leader like brock and clemont
1628 days ago
i got 11 out of 13 right i did pretty good i could have done better though
1792 days ago
1798 days ago
I have 8 gym badges and max Zs
1798 days ago
Dusk Mane Necrozma We are legendary and you are a Champion? Not very legendary-like, tbh.I HAVE A GUN.
1809 days ago
League Champion
I have ten badges because I’m Gary oak
1809 days ago
I’m a Elite Four Member , which one?

Lance, Bruno , Lorelei, or Agatha?
1990 days ago
I'm classified as Pokémon League Champion
2053 days ago
I was elite four material... lol
2053 days ago
Very nice, I like Charmander but not everyone likes a little orange salamander with its tail on fire... just to let you know
2152 days ago
There's a lot of mistake
2370 days ago
Some of the questions need fixed/revised. In order for an Amulet Coin to have effect, it can be held by any team member, not only the lead. Provide an option for 'held by any team member.' The Deoxys battle question needs better phrased answers. The best option would be to offer 'a super-effective move.' Actual one hit KO-moves are not the correct option (Sheer Cold, Fissure, etc.) because they have extremely low accuracy and are therefore not trustworthy in such an important battle. And finally, use an entirely different question for the starter one. Charmander being the 'correct' answer is completely biased. Not everybody loves Charmander, and it quite frankly isn't the best option for Kanto starter anyway. There are better Kanto fire types and water types. If this quiz were to take stat distributions into account, then Bulbasaur would be the 'correct' answer since its final evolution is unmatched in terms of Kanto grass types.