Pokemon Facts

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Nuff' said.

  • 1
    What Pokedex number does Ampharos have?

    Hint: It's in the creator's name.
  • 2
    What is the secondary type of Heatran?

    Hint: It's first type is fire, and it lives in a volcano.
  • 3
    What region is Lumiose City in?

    Hint: Lumiose is a French word.

  • 4
    What is the typing of Cloyster?

    Hint: It's a seashell.
  • 5
    What Pokemon does Darkrai fear?

    Hint: It's the Lunar Pokemon.
  • 6
    What type cannot hit Fairy types?

    Hint: It's not any of the starter types (Fire, Water, Grass).

  • 7
    What was Mawile's typing prior to Generation VI?

    Hint: It was a tough, strong typing.
  • 8
    What is Trevor's, the tertiary rival of X and Y, signature Pokemon?

    Hint: It's one of Lt. Surge's Pokemon.
  • 9
    What animal is Fennekin based off of?

    Hint: It's a fire type.
  • 10
    What stone does Clefairy use to evolve?

    Hint: Guess what? It's a fairy type!: P

  • 11
    What is Mega Mewtwo X's base stat total?

    Hint: It is more than 725.
  • 12
    How many Water/Poison types are there?

    Hint: Skrelp was added to the mix of between 3-6 Pokemon.
  • 13
    In honor of question 13, what two ghost types had no weaknesses prior to Generation VI?

    Hint: They are found in Generations after Gold and Silver were released.
  • 14
    What Pokemon's tail was being sold by Team Rocket for money?

    Hint: They were sold in the well of Azalea Town.
  • 15
    Last question; What is the only pure flying type (not counting Sky Plate Arceus)?

    Hint: No hints for you.

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