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Pokemon Dex Entries

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Do you know your dex entries
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  • 1
    What Pokemon in Pokemon 'X' has the Dex reading of:

    With its huge and magnificent wings, it can keep aloft without ever having to land for rest.
  • 2
    In version Y what Pokemon has the Dex reading:

    It is highly popular among female Trainers for its sublime fur. It does not keep a nest.
  • 3
    It does its level best to glare and pull a scary face, but it can't help grinning if anyone pats its head.

  • 4
    It sleeps for 18 hours a day. It uses a variety of extrasensory powers even while asleep.
  • 5
    They are kind but can be relentless when defending territory. They challenge foes with tusks that can cut steel.
  • 6
    It lives hidden within thicket shadows. When predators attack, it quickly bristles the fur covering its body in an effort to threaten them.

  • 7
    When spotted, this Pokémon escapes backward by furiously boring into the ground with its tail.
  • 8
    In the distant past, it was somewhat stronger than the horribly weak descendants that exist today.
  • 9
    Thought to be one of the first Pokémon to live in harmony with humans, it has a placid disposition.
  • 10
    With its ability to distinguish any aroma, it unfailingly finds all food buried deep underground.

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