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Ultimate Pokemon Master Test

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Do you think you have it in you to become a Pokemon Master? Take this test and find out whether you have it in you to become a Pokemon Master, a member of the Elite 4, a Gym Leader, or whether you are still a rookie trainer

  • 1
    Which nature boosts the special defense stat, and reduces the attack stat of a Pokemon?
  • 2
    Which item must a Gligar be holding, when leveled up at night to evolve into a Gliscor?
  • 3
    Which of the following moves, will swap a Shuckle's defense stats with its attack stats?

  • 4
    Which of the following attacks will be super effective, when used by a Haxorus with the ability Mold Breaker on a Weezing?
  • 5
    Which of the following attacks, will be super effective on a Snorlax, who the move Trick-or-Treat has been used on?
  • 6
    Apart inflicting 12% damage on the Pokemon burned, what is the secondary effect of a burn on a Pokemon?

  • 7
    What is the name of the ability, which allows a Thundurus in its incarnate form, to increase the priority of status moves by one?
  • 8
    Which of the following moves makes the Pokemon using the move recover 50% of its own HP during the same turn?
  • 9
    Which of the following attacks, when used by a Mega Gardevoir, will be super effective on a Sawk?
  • 10
    Which if the following moves, boosts speed as well as another stat?

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