Super Pokemon Quiz (Kanto)

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  • 1
    Who is the protagonist of the show?
  • 2
    Who is the villain team of Kanto?
  • 3
    Which Pokemon is at No.48 (Remember, no cheating from other sites)

  • 4
    Which Pokemon knows only Splash?
  • 5
    Which of misty's Pokemon does not do Confusion until his head gets pressed hard?
  • 6
    Who is the strongest Pokemon in the 1st Generation?

  • 7
    Which one of Jessie's Pokemon does not know anything but Counter?
  • 8
    Who is the gym leader of Fuchsia City?
  • 9
    Which game is based on Kanto and Red?
  • 10
    Final and the toughest - What does Pokemon stand for?

Comments (14)


1820 days ago
When have megas been ten 1. NEVER. If you are going to create a quiz then do it right
1921 days ago
Hey,magikarp can learn tackle.and who the hell made mega mewtwo x and y native of kanto.and jessie's wobbuffet can also learn mirror attack
1933 days ago
Koga is the Gym Leader of Fuchsia City, not Erika (she's the Gym Leader of Celadon City). Mega Evolution did not exist in the first generation, and Mega Mewtwo Y is just as good, if not better, than Mega Mewtwo X from a competitive standpoint. Magikarp has always been able to learn Tackle as well as Splash. Number 3 is a basically asking you to memorize the Pokedex or get lucky. Who's supposed to know that?
1975 days ago
bruh, you don't know your pokemon, erika was the leader of celadon city gym, fuchsia is a shade of purple, and koga was leader, in the purple colored city (not pallet town), jesse didn't HAVE wobbufet in gen 1, mega mewtwo is NOT a kanto pokemon (you get mewtwo and his mega stone in KALOS marking him a kalos pokemon) if he WAS then mega mewtwo Y would have to also be a correct answer, because they both have the same base stats, and cometetively Mewtwo Y would be stronger because of no special atk and def split and psychic only compaired to fighting-psychic is a better typing, magikarp ALSO could learn tackle
1980 days ago
Mega Mewtwo X wasn't in Gen 1 and Kog ais the Fuchia Gym Leader. Creator is a moron
1998 days ago
ūüēä quiz. mega mewtwo x and y are gen 6. also jessie had wobbufet in gen 3.
2005 days ago
Mega Mewtwo wasn't a thing in Kanto...
2006 days ago
I did not like this quiz it told me i got all the answers wrong when i know for a fact i got them right. Please fix your quiz with the correct answers.
2015 days ago
Nice quiz, but the three i got wrong are errors. Koga is the fuschia gym leader (dumb puzzle maze thing), mega evolution didnt exist since 6th gen and neither did wobbuffet.
2030 days ago
Erika was the Celadon Gym leader, and Mega Mewtwo X and Y didn't come out until the 6th generation
2031 days ago
I personally don't like this quiz, for one, some of the answers are not even correct, I put down koga for the leader of fuchsia city, and it told me that it was Erika, also for question 5, it says which Pokemon does NOT do confusion … , this lead me away from the "correct" answer which was psyduck. And the megas were not in gen 1 so I picked mew instead of mega mewtwo X.
2043 days ago
OK, two things, magikarp has always been able to learn tackle at lv. 15 and Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y have the EXACT SAME STATS, and personally I think that Mega Mewtwo Y is stronger, and the Megas weren't even in the Kanto games, just Mewtwo would be fine
2069 days ago
erm there are several wrong things on this. Mega mewtwo x didnt exist in generation 1 and koga is the gym leader of fuchsia city...
2078 days ago
Although its a good quiz and I scored 9 the 6th question is wrong, Mega Evolution was not introduced until Gen 6 therefore Mega Mewtwo X cannot be the strongest Pokemon IN the first generation because it did not exist IN the first generation. If the question was edited then the quiz would be perfect