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Pokémon Overall Understanding Nominal Degree

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P.O.U.N.D is developed by me to examine Pokémon Trainers on their knowledge of the Pokémon world.
The four supposed subjects to be included in this test are:
- Battle Analytics, which studies Pokémon strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize them in battles.
- Genetics, the study of Pokémon genes and how traits are passed to offsprings through breeding.
- Ecology, which studies about Pokémon behaviour as well as the interactions among Pokémon and the environment.
- Social Studies, the combination of history, geography, and sociology of the Pokémon world.

  • 1
    Which one is the first artificial Pokémon to be created?
  • 2
    Which region below has the tropical-like climate?
  • 3
    Which one is the oldest structure in Unova region?

  • 4
    Which organization developed Timer Ball?
  • 5
    Where was the first writing system found?
  • 6
    Which region has a natural habitat for wild Larvesta?

  • 7
    According to Pokédex, which Pokémon uses a high-pressure hydro pump to attack a prey over 100 meters far?
  • 8
    Which factor does not affect the color of Shellos?
  • 9
    Which leads to Eevee's multi-branch evolution?
  • 10
    Whose presence decreases the temperature of the surroundings by nearly 10 °F (5 °C)?

  • 11
    Which item has no effect on the traits of the offspring during breeding process?
  • 12
    Which is the most common Egg Group?
  • 13
    What is the probability that a Pokémon passes down its Hidden Ability?
  • 14
    Given a Pikachu ♀ with Light Ball and a moveset of Fake Out, Spark, Thunder Wave, Agility; and a Clefairy ♂ with a moveset of Sing, Wish, Thunder Wave, Gravity. The Pichu hatched from the egg of the two above has a moveset of:
  • 15
    A Pikachu whose set of IVs is 31-31-22-31-31-31, is bred with a Clefairy with 6 IVs. If the Pikachu holds Destiny Knot and the Clefairy holds Power Belt, what is the probability of getting an offspring with 6 IVs?
  • 16
    Which Pokémon would rather use Special Attack than Physical Attack?

  • 17
    Which move doesn't set up Entry Hazard?
  • 18
    Which Pokémon is the best counter against Skarmory?
  • 19
    Which move of Serperior is the most useful against Chansey?
  • 20
    Which is the advantage of Sylveon over Florges as a cleric?

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1690 days ago
REALLY GOOD TEST.But.....Pretty hard for my newbie knowledge