How Well do you know Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin OVA
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How Well do you know Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin OVA

This is a test for all those anime fans out there that are just itching to know how well they know Battousai! ^-^

Question 1:Here is an easy one for starters... What was the child Kenshin's real name?

Question 2:Heh, What was the name of the arrogant drunk guy who saved Kenshin?
Hajime Saito
Seijuro Hiko
Kogoro Katsura
Gentatsu Takatsuki

Question 3:What did Kenshin leave his Shishou for?
Because he thought he knew enough Hiten Mitsurugi to get by.
Because innocent people were dying and he wanted to help them
Because Shishou was a bastard.
Because he wanted to show the world he was actually worth something

Question 4:When was the first time Kenshin saw Tomoe?
In the street while he was taking to Iizuka.
When he was fighting the Ninja in the Alley.
One night when he went to the bar.
One of the guys brought her home for Kenshin.

Question 5:What did Iizuka do?
He was a body guard.
He was in the Keheitai.
He was Katsura's field chief.
He was a Ninja.

Question 6:What happened with Kenshin and Tomoe?
They moved to Otsu and fell in love.
Kenshin left her in Kyoto.
Katsura took her away.
She got killed by the Shinsengumi.

Question 7:Who were Hajime Saito and Souji Okita?
The Shinsengumi's Third Captain and Lieutenant.
The Shinsengumi's Jigen swordsman and body guard.
I have no idea.
Kenshin's parents.

Question 8:Who Killed Tomoe?
Her brother Enishi, because he was jealous.
She was left in Kyoto to die.
The Wold of Mibu, Saito.
Kenshin did, he didn't mean it though.

Question 9:What was Tomoe's first loves name?

Question 10:What did Kenshin ask Tomoe in the third episode?
To make him breakfast.
To sleep with him.
Does she love him.
To marry him.

Question 11:What did Iizuka say when Katsura disappeared?
He was dead.
He couldn't bare the fact that the world was changing.
He was somewhere over seas.
He was a coward.

Question 12:What was meant by Iizuka when he said "I hope you enjoy being an Apothecary's wife"?
"I hope you enjoy being a pharmacist’s wife"
"I hope you enjoy being a farmers wife"
"I hope you enjoy being a weaklings wife"
"I hope you enjoy being a peaceful man's wife"

Question 13:Who really was the traitor?

Question 14:What did Tomoe give Kenshin just before she died?
Her love.
Her body.
Her dagger.
A scar.

Question 15:What did Kenshin do right at the end of the fourth episode?
Run away.
Continued to kill for Katsura.
Vowed to live a noble life and ran off.
Turned in his Sword and vowed never to kill again.

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