! Rurouni Kenshin Skills Quiz!
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! Rurouni Kenshin Skills Quiz!

A wandering samurai warrior with a tragic past...YEAH WE KNOW ALREADY! So, think you know everything about the Battousai? Well, take this quiz and put your mind to work! ^_^

Question 1:   What is Rurouni Kenshin's real name?

Question 2:   What is Kenshin's "nickname"?
Flaming Swordsman
Light Warrior
Hitokiri Battousai- the Manslayer

Question 3:   What is the name of Kenshin's sword?

Question 4:   What is "unique" about Kenshin's sword?
It has the oils of its victims on it
It burn with blue fire
It is super sharp and cool!
It's reverse-bladed
It's just a sword damnit...

Question 5:   Who is Kamiya Kaoru?
Kenshin's deceased wife
Who the hell is she?
Yahiko's REAL mom
A teacher of the Kamiya-style fighting dojo

Question 6:   In Episode 1 of the series, who is running around the town ACTING like the Battousai-the Manslayer
Some guy...
A former student of the Kamiya dojo
Sagara Sanosuke
Your mom

Question 7:   In Episode 1, why does Kaoru lock Kenshin up in the barn for the night?
He *did some stuff to her* o_O
He almost got her killed
He flicked her off
Because he saw her taking a bath o_O

Question 8:   What's the name of Kenshin's deceased wife?
Chi Chi

Question 9:   Who is Komagata Yumi?
Shishio Makoto's lover
Kenshin's lover
A doctor who saves Kenshin in Tokyo
A member of the Oniwanbanshuu
Shinomori Aoshi's forgotten sister

Question 10:   Where do Kenshin and Shishio fight in their epic battle?
Atop a burning rooftop
In a dungeon in Tokyo
In the dusty streets of Tokyo
Some random desert area
Inside a broken down building

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