Do you REALLY know Rurouni Kenshin?
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Do you REALLY know Rurouni Kenshin?

"140 years ago, amix the chaos and bloodshed which accompanied the end of the Tokugawa regime, there was a swordsman in Kyoto called Battousi the Manslayer. Battousaicarved the way into the new era, the Meiji Era. It was said that he was undefeatable. And then one day, as the screams faded and the dust began to settle, Battousai mysteriously disappeared into the sunset...And to this day, his whereabouts are unknown. Battousai the Manslayer...had become a legend..."

Question 1:   What is Kenshin's real name?

Question 2:   How old is Kenshin, Kaoru, Sanoske, and Yahiko in the beginning of the series? (In that order)
28, 18, 19, 10
22, 15, 17, 12
26, 16, 23, 8

Question 3:   Who gave Kenshin his first scar, and which way was it?
Saitoh, down
Katsura, across
Okita, across
Akira, down

Question 4:   Kenshin's final attack is:

Question 5:   Where do Sano and Kenshin meet Megumi?
Out in the market
At the dojo
When Sano took Kenshin gambling

Question 6:   In episode 93, who does Kenshin have to battle when Reisui Mizu uses Feng Shui's Circle of the throne?
Kenshin battles Reisui
Kenshin battles Sir Jinpu
Kenshin battles himself

Question 7:   What is the ending theme for the last episode of Rurouni Kenshin?
Heart of Sword
It's gonna rain!

Question 8:   How does Kenshin die?
Kaoru killed him....
Shinomori! It was all Shinomori's Fault! he did it!
A disease
He didn't die

Question 9:   In the Samurai X movie 'Reflection', what does Kenshin say about murderers?
Kenshin says that he wants to be one of them
He says "I will kill all those who kill for fun for the sake of others' safety.
He says "A man who slays for fun is no longer a man. He is a mad dog who should be delt the same thing."

Question 10:   Do Kenshin and Kaoru die from the same thing? Do they die at the same time?
Yes they do die from the same thing. No, Not at the same time.
Kenshin doesn't die!
Kaoru killed him, how could he kill her? Duh!
Shinomori man, Shinomori.
Makoto Shishio kills Kenshin and Kaoru at the same time.

Question 11:   In the Rurouni Kenshin Anime series, the old man that takes care of Kaoru is Dr.Gensai. In the Manga, it is someone else. What is their name?
Kihei Hiruma
Megumi Takani
Gohei Hiruma

Question 12:   What is the name of Sanoske's weapon?
Giant Scythe

Question 13:   Where does Sanoske's nickname originate from, and what is it?
It's Zanza, and it comes from his weapon.
It's Sano, and it comes from his FULL NAME
It's Sagara, after his old captain, Souzo Sagara.

Question 14:   What is Kenshin's normal eye color? When he's on the verge of going Battousai? When he is Battousai? (in that order)
Blue, Gold, Amber
Amber, Gold, Violet
Violet, Amber, Gold

Question 15:   In the very last Episode in the series, what did Kaoru dream about? Was it good or bad?
Kaoru's dream was bad. She dreamt that Kenshin left her to wander again.
Kaoru's dream was great! She dreamt Her and Kenshin were getting married.
Kaoru had a bad dream. She dreamt that Kenshin was *gulp* dead....*sob, sob, sob*

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