Are you a true RWBY fan?

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Are you a RWBY fan? Take this test to figure out! By the way, there will be spoilers if you haven't watched all the episodes.

  • 1
    Adam took Yang's arm in the fall of beacon?
  • 2
    Blake still loves Adam?
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  • 4
    Yang did not put on the metal arm.
  • 5
    Yang lost her other arm on the attack on Haven.
  • 6
    RWBY has a deadly ability to grimm, that can kill them in a heartbeat, turn them to stone, or paralyze them.

  • 7
    (Season 7) Qrow finds someone who has the opposite semblance as him. If did, lucky for him ;)
  • 8
    Everybody changes their hair style, weapons, or armor in Volume 7
  • 9
    Weise is very nice in Volume 1
  • 10
    Neo confronts Cinder, though, Cinder persuades Neo to help attack Ruby.

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