How well do you know semblances? (RWBY)

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This is a true or false quiz having to do with semblances from RWBY.

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    Ruby's semblance is called Pedal Dash.
  • 2
    Pyrrha Nicos's ability is called Polarity.
  • 3
    Juan didn't discover his semblance (Aura Amp) until season 4.

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    Weis's glyph semblance is the inly semblance we've seen in the show that can be inherited through bloodline.
  • 5
    Qrow Bronwin has the same semblance as Raven.
  • 6
    Qrow's semblance only brings bad luck.

  • 7
    Emerald's semblance is creating hallucinations.
  • 8
    Neapolitan's semblance is named Overactive Imagination.
  • 9
    Yang's semblance allows her to absorb the energy from her opponent's attacks without having to get hurt by the attacks herself.
  • 10
    Clover's semblance only brings good fortune.

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