Sailormoon Test
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Sailormoon Test

Hello this is for all of you Sailormoon fans. how much do you REALLY know about sailormoon eh? Take this Quiz and find out!! ^__~

Question 1:Who is the sailor Scout of Time?
Sailor Mars
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto

Question 2: Who is the wonderful Creator of Sailormoon?
Asuka Miyama
Sae Yon
Naoko Takeuchi

Question 3: Who is Serena's boyfriend?

Question 4: What is the whole theme of Sailormoon?
Romance -.-

Question 5: Who is Ami Anderson?
the snobby rich girl down the street
some chick
Serena's nice smart straight A friend

Question 6: What is sailor saturn known as?
Sailor Scout of Peace
Sailor Scout of Earth
Sailor Scout of Destruction

Question 7:Who is the famous couple in sailormoon?
Sailor mars and Prince Edymion
Dark Mask and SailorMoon
Sailor Moon and tuxedomask

Question 8: Who is Sailor Galactia?
The bad lady that the sailor scouts have been trying to defeat forever
One of the sailor Scouts

Question 9: Who is wicked lady?
One of the villian of the negaverse
Sailor Chibi Moon in the future as a villian
A spy working at a McDonalds near you

Question 10: What is Imara's (sailoruranus)hobby?
Race cars racing

Question 11:Who is Rini's best friend (more like her only friend, but we're not going to get into that _._;;)

Question 12:When sailor saturn turns into a bad guy, what is she called?
Mistress 9
Lady Junos
Dark Saturn

Question 13:What is te names of Rayes pet Ravens?
Pararu and Fransisco
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Phobas and Danimos

Question 14:What is Sailor Neptune the Sailor Scout of?

Question 15:How well do Serena and Raye get along
like loving sisters
let's just say, they can't be in the same room together without someone hurting to other person
they get along perfectly well ^__^

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