Are you really a Sailor Moon Fan?
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Are you really a Sailor Moon Fan?

Let's see if you know how to wave a Moon Stick or if you know the secrets of the Silver Millennium's past

Question 1:In the Sailor Stars manga, what tarot card does Raye pull?

Question 2:What is Sailor Cosmos's power?
Kappa Power
Lambda Power
Delta Power
Phi Power
Chi Power

Question 3:In her past life, who was Princess (Sailor) Venus in love with?
Prince Endymion/Prince Darien

Question 4:What is Sailor Moon's first attack?
Moon Tiara Action/Magic
Moon Twilight Flash
Moon Frisbee
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
Cosmic Moon Super Stardust Blaster

Question 5:What is Tuxedo Mask's secret identity?
Saijou Ace
Andrew Crown
Darien Shields

Question 6:What is the name of Serena's mom from her past life?
Sailor Moon
Queen Serenity
Neo-Queen Serenity
Black Lady
Queen Beryl

Question 7:In the Super S manga, what tarot card does Raye pull?
ace of spades

Question 8:In the S manga arc, what are the three talismans?
holy grail, silence glaive, tairion crystal
silence glaive, garnet orb, space sword
garnet orb, holy grail, submarine mirror
venus droplet, silver crystal, holy grail
space sword, submarine mirror, garnet orb

Question 9:In the R manga arc, how do the scouts save the world by stopping Prince Diamond from blowing it up?
Sailor Moon uses the Holy Grail to destroy him
Sailor Saturn uses her Death Reborn Revolution attack
Sailor Pluto stops time
Black Lady uses her Dark Moon Laser Beam to destroy the silver imperium crystals
Prince Diamond dies

Question 10:In the first Sailor Moon manga arc, how is the Silver Imperium Crystal formed?
the Rainbow Crystals merge together
Serena's spit
Endymion's blood crystallizes
Serena's tear crystallizes
Ami's Bubble Blast attack forms a bubble that has the Silver Imperium Crystal

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