Sailor Moon Uber-Trivia

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Test your Sailor Moon knowledge with this nitty-gritty trivia questions!

  • 1
    In the first season of the Sailor Moon anime, the order in which the senshi die are:
  • 2
    Ami's mother and father are, respectfully:
  • 3
    Rei's grandfather possesses which Rainbow Crystal in the first arc of the anime?

  • 4
    Sailor Jupiter introduces herself as the:
  • 5
    Sailor Venus' counterparts throughout the first 4 arcs are:
  • 6
    Mamoru Chino, who is initially proposed as a gang leader who smokes in Codename: Sailor V, instead comes to be known as ___________ in the Sailor Moon franchise.

  • 7
    The skirt bows of these 3 senshi do not match their chest bows:
  • 8
    The Sailor Moon anime suggests this group of villains could actually be humans from Earth:
  • 9
    Which of these is not a castle of the Princesses:
  • 10
    Which of these characters is informally regarded by Naoko Takeuchi as the most opposite from Usagi's character:

  • 11
    In the manga, which of these senshi never turns evil:
  • 12
    Kaolinite is from which planet:
  • 13
    "I am the Soldier of Revolution":
  • 14
    Apart from Usagi, Chibiusa suspects who of holding the silver crystal in the anime:
  • 15
    These two senshi share a very similar planetary symbol (displayed on their forehead and transformation stick):
  • 16
    Which of the Akayashi sisters is the youngest in the manga, yet states she is the oldest in the anime?

  • 17
    In what season of the anime does Sailor Moon turn 15?
  • 18
    "Space Turbulence" is an attack belonging to which senshi?
  • 19
    "Coconut Cyclone" is an attack belong to which senshi?
  • 20
    Sailor Mercury is the Agent of Love and:

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