Seto Kaiba Extremely Annoying Fan-Type Quiz
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Seto Kaiba Extremely Annoying Fan-Type Quiz

See how much you know about Seto Kaiba! If you answer them all right, then you are a major nerd and should be dragged out into the street and peed on.

Question 1:What color are Seto Kaiba's eyes?
Neon Green

Question 2:What is Kaiba's favorite Duel Monster's card?
Dark Magician
Red Eyes Black Dragon
Blue Eyes White Dragon

Question 3:What is Kaiba's position at his company?
second-hand man

Question 4:Why did Kaiba travel to Duelist Kingdom?
To humiliate Pegasus in a duel
To rescue his brother Mokuba
To kill Yugi Moto

Question 5:What is the card-type thing that hangs from Kaiba's neck?
His Blue Eyes White Dragon
A picture of his real mother and father
A picture of his brother Mokuba

Question 6:What happened when Kaiba went to test his virtual reality game?
He was in the virtual world for about 30 seconds when the system crashed.
He won it right away.
He was captured and offered as a sacrifice.

Question 7:Who did Seto Kaiba base Princess Adina on?
Serenity Wheeler
Mai Valentine
His brother Mokuba

Question 8:What is one of the most powerful duel monsters that Kaiba and Yugi encountered in Kaiba's virtual reality game.
5 Headed King Dragon
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Winged Dragon of Ra

Question 9:What is Kaiba's favorite expression?
Straight Faced

Question 10:What are some rules of Kaiba's Battle City Tournament?
The Winner must give the loser their rarest card
The loser must give their rarest card to the winner.
Are you ready? There are no rules!
Everyone's a winner!

Question 11:What card did Izushu Ishtar give to Kaiba?
Another Blue Eyes White Dragon
Dark Magician
Obelisk the Tormentor

Question 12:How does Kaiba help Yugi win the duel with the fake Seto Kaiba?
He gives him a Blue Eyes White Dragon
He breaks into his own house and hacks into the Duelist Kingdom computer system
He gives him a magic apple.

Question 13:What is Seto Kaiba's catch phrase?
"That's right, fall to the ground like the dog you are."
"I am unstoppable!"
"Off with your head!"
"Soon I will be the number 1 duelist in the world!"
"My Blue Eyes is unbeatable."

Question 14:In your personal opinion, do you really think that Seto Kaiba is a stuck up snob?
Oh most definitely, I wouldn't change a thing about it though.
Yes he can take that snobbishness and shove it up his stuck up nose.
It all depends on what mood he's in.
No not at all. He's a sweetheart and is the nicest person to everyone.
Definitely NOT!!!!! He's HOT!!!!!!! ( i seriously mean it!!!)

Question 15:In your personal and HONEST opinion, do you believe that Seto Kaiba has a mullet?
No, I think his hair is perfect
Mullet? What's a mullet?
Yes, it looks like a dead cat
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