The ULTIMATE Random Simpsons Knowledge Quiz
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The ULTIMATE Random Simpsons Knowledge Quiz

You think you know the Simpsons? Well if you can get every question in this quiz right then maybe, just maybe, you do.

Question 1:Let's start with an easy one. Who was Homer and Marge's high-school principal?
Principal Dondelinger
Principal Skinner
Principal Chalmers
Principal Linder
Principal Fortenhaven

Question 2:How much does Dr. Nick charge for any operation?

Question 3:What kind of car does Homer have?
It never says
A 401-K
A station wagon
A 1978 Ford
A 1976 LoveWagon

Question 4:What is the name of Homer's Internet company?
Homer Co
Homer's Computer Internet Thingy
Mr. X's Website
Compu-Global Hyper-Mega Net

Question 5:How did Homer lose his hair?
The beer chemicals killed it.
Pattern male baldness.
Working at the nuclear plant made his hair fall out.
Low self-esteem caused it to leave his head.
Every time Marge got pregnant he tore it out in shock.

Question 6:What colour was the crayon lodged in Homer's brain?
Light Green
Light Blue
Dark Green

Question 7:When Bart and Rod are competing in mini-putt against one another, what does Homer name Bart's putter?
Mr. Putter
Miss Putts

Question 8:According to Homer, a boy without mischief is like what?
A jelly doughnut without the jelly.
A beer without a head.
A bowling ball without a liquid center.
A peanut without salt and dangerous preservatives.
An ice cream sundae without any hot fudge.

Question 9:Who does the voices of Itchy and Scratchy?
Agnes Skinner
June Bellamy
Chester J. Lampwick
Laura Peasblossom
Laurel Peterson

Question 10:What is the name of the miniature golf course in Springfield?
Hole in Fun
It's Like Real Golf, Only Smaller
Sir Putt-a-Lot's Merrie Olde Fun Center
Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge
Pay and Putt and Pay

Question 11:When Homer uses Dimoxinil and gets promoted, who does he hire as his assistant?

Question 12:What is the name of the stripper that Homer is photographed with at a bachelor party?
Mother Shabubu
Lurleen Lumpkin
Lady Lacy
Princess Kashmir
Sweet as Candi

Question 13:Which one-time character lives with the Simpsons during the Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie show? (Here's a hint: "How's it hangin' Mr. S?")

Question 14:After it is revealed that Homer did not graduate from High School and his awards are revoked, which one does he vow to get back?
Greatest Belcher
Most Improved Odour
Most Weight Gained
Least Distance Travelled
Most Awards Won

Question 15:What two items does Otto try to get out of the claw machine in the episode where Homer makes a bowling team called "The Pin Pals"?
A Lobster Harmonica and a Human Skull
A Human Skull and a Green Stuffed Hippo
A Puppy Dog and a Giant Plastic Pickle
A Giant Plastic Pickle and a Human Skull
A Lobster Harmonica and a Harvard Diploma

Question 16:What is written on the back of Homer's boxing robe?
Nothing is written on it
The Immovable Object
Tuff Guy

Question 17:When at the airshow, Marge gets a headache. What does Homer bring her to cure it?
Duff Beer
Cotton Candy

Question 18:When Homer wins the Employee Raffle, what is his prize?
A Canned Ham
Sponge-Bathing Mr. Burns
A Trip to Hawaii
Industrial Chimney Sweep for a Day
Smithers' Job for a Week

Question 19:What was the headline in the newspaper on the day that Homer was born?
Scientists Baffled by Incredibly Large Newborn
Woman Gives Birth to Whale
Unusually Large, Ugly Baby Born
Is it Man ... or Ape?
Man Lands on the Moon!

Question 20:After the people from Springfield retrieve the Springfield Lemon Tree, what do the people in Shelbyville start drinking instead of lemonade?
Orange Juice
Lime Juice
Potato Juice
Turnip Juice

Question 21:What is the name of the trucker who beat Homer in an eating competition at The Slaughterhouse?
Red Barclay
Big Red
Rudy Patterson
Red Peterson
Ralph Masters

Question 22:What are the names of the two "birds" that Bart hatches out in his treehouse after accidentally killing the mother robin?
Bart Jr. and Chirpy Boy
Worm Eater and Bart Jr.
Worm Eater and Red
Krusty Jr. and Bart Jr.
Birdie and Flappy

Question 23:In Homer's high school yearbook, what is the quote beneath his picture?
I didn't do it
Yeah, right
Drunk chicks think I'm hot
Forty-seven times in a row!
I can't believe I ate the whole thing

Question 24:What is the name of Homer's pet lobster?
Mr. Pinchy
Homer Junior
Mr. Snips

Question 25:The 300th episode was (gasp!) not actually the 300th! What episode was it really?
The 302nd
Don't be stupid, it was the 300th!
The 301st
The 299th
The 304th

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