Simpsons Mania!
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Simpsons Mania!

You probably watch several hours of Tv a night. But do you remember anything from the Simpsons last week, or even last night? Find out now!

Question 1:   What is Moe the bartender's last name?

Question 2:   In the Itchy and Scratchy cartoons, which is Itchy and which is Scratchy?
Itchy - cat Scratchy - mouse
Itchy - mouse Scratchy - cat
Itchy - dog Scratchy - rat
Itchy - mouse Scratchy - human
Not Here

Question 3:   Marge's big secret:
She is a space alien
She is a zombie
She is not really married to Homer
She has webbed toes
She is really from Shelbyville, not Springfield

Question 4:   In episode 2F15, Lisa sees the future. She gets married to. . .
Not Here
Alexander Davis
Kang the alien
Milhouse VanHouten
Hugh Parkfield

Question 5:   What is Mr. Burn's full name?
Captain Morgan Burns
Calvin Monroy Burns
Clancy Monroe Burns
Cranmer Morgan Burns
Not Here

Question 6:   Maggie's arch-nemesis is . . .
Milhouse's father
Bart Simpson
Baby Ronald
Baby Gerald

Question 7:   Where does Milhouse's grandmother live?
Beverly Hills
257th Street
She is dead
Not Here

Question 8:   Does Homer have a brother, and if so, what is his name?
Yes (Half Brother), name Herb
Yes, name Herb
Yes (Half Brother), name Ronald
Not Here

Question 9:   Who shot Mr. Burns in episode 2F20?

Question 10:   In episode 9F10, Lyle Lanley builds a monorail that wrecks. In what other cities did he build crummy monorails?
Brockway, North Haverbrook, Wichita
Ogdenville, Brockway, Shelbyville
North Haverbrook, Ogdenville, Los Angeles
Shelbyville, Dallas, New York
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