"I am so smart, S M R T"
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"I am so smart, S M R T"

"C'mhere a minute" and try this quiz

Question 1:   Who is Nelson Muntz' favourite musician?
George Jones
Andy Williams
Waylon Jennings
Ozzy Osbourne

Question 2:   Who sold the Monorail to Springfield?
Lyle Lanley
Ron Howard
Rex Banner
Kirk Showbenhald

Question 3:   What is the name of Selma and Patty's iguana?
Chop chop
Jub Jub

Question 4:   In the episode where Grimey Jr. tries to kill Homer, who does Lisa think the aspiring killer is?
Big Daddy
Bumblebee Man
Waylon Smithers
Fat Tony

Question 5:   What is the name of the videogame that Bart gets caught shoplifting?
Blood storm
Bone smash
Bone storm
Street Fighter

Question 6:   Which of these bands has never appeared in a Simpsons episode?
Spinal Tap
Kid Rock
The Who
ZZ Top

Question 7:   "Who are we ______? and who are we going to beat _____?" Complete this sentence that comes from the episode where Flanders and Homer coach football.
The Isotopes
The Pumas
The All Stars
The Wildcats

Question 8:   What are Powersauce bars made of?
apple core and sawdust
apple core and japanese newspaper
apple core and pork rinds
apple core and chinese newspaper

Question 9:   True or false: has Hank Hill ever appeared in a Simpsons episode?
A Bit of Both

Question 10:   What is the name of the Be-Sharps' first hit single?
Baby Oh Baby
Baby On Board
Baby You Can Drive My Car
Hush Little Baby

Question 11:   What kind of car does Kearney drive?

Question 12:   What is the highest level of drunkenness on Moe's breathalyzer?
Barney Gumble
Boris Yeltsin
Axl Rose
Yakov Smirnov

Question 13:   Who is Radioactive Man's sidekick?
Lucy Lawless
The Atomic Avenger
Leon Spinks
Fallout Boy

Question 14:   Homer puts Flanders to sleep quickly using what?
Ny Pill
Falsetto tone lullabies
White Noise

Question 15:   What is Mr. Burns' phone number?

Question 16:   Which of these stores has never appeared in a Simpson's episode?
Suicide Notes
Stoner's Pot Palace
Poppa Wheelies
Maxi Mart

Question 17:   Where does Homer get the inspiration for the name Max Power?
Sewing machine
Nuclear reactor switch
Hair dryer

Question 18:   What major league baseball player does Mr. Burns keep asking to get rid of his sideburns?
Roger Clemens
Wade Boggs
Don Mattingly
Steve Sax

Question 19:   What were nickels called back in Abe Simpson's day?

Question 20:   Which Simpsons character has a grotesque and abnormal sexual fetish involving fish?
Captain McAllister
Lionel Hutz
Moe Szyslak
Troy McClure

Question 21:   Which late-night talk show host used to write for the Simpsons?
Carson Daly
David Letterman
Jimmy Kimmel
Conan O'Brien

Question 22:   "I'm so f*ckin embarrassed" - which Simpsons character says this in a classic Halloween episode?
Marge Simpson
Homer Simpson
Lenny Leonard
Rod Flanders

Question 23:   Which one of these names does Homer 'not' suggest Marge change her name to?
Busty St. Claire
Hootie McBoobovich
Chesty LeRoux
Judy McJugs

Question 24:   What is the colour of crayon that Homer has removed from, and reinserted into, his brain?
Navy blue
Ocean blue
Sky blue

Question 25:   Which of these classic rock songs has Homer never rocked out to?
"Jammin'" - Bob Marley
"Radar Love" - Golden Earring
"Smoke on the Water" - Deep Purple
"Highway Star" - Deep Purple

Question 26:   Which invention does Homer accidentally leave behind at the Edison museum exhibit, giving more millions to Edison's already filthy rich descendants upon its discovery?
Chair with extra flap legs
Electric hammer
Spino cylinder
Skittle brow

Question 27:   When Barney becomes the Plow King, what singer does he have as a guest in his commercial jingle?
Donna Summer
Cyndi Lauper
Tanya Tucker
Linda Ronstadt

Question 28:   In the 138th episode special, what punishment does Mr. Burns give out to Smithers for trying to kill him?
Five percent pay cut
Twenty percent pay cut
Sends him on a vacation
Relocates his office

Question 29:   Which of these Captains 'has' appeared in a Simpsons episode?
Captain Kidd
Captain Jack
Captain Insano
Captain Lalane

Question 30:   How does Homer want to die?
In a 'Nucular' explosion
In Marjorie's arms
Of Heart Failure
Choking on food

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