Are You A True Slayers Fan?
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Are You A True Slayers Fan?

This is the self-approved test to see if you are truly worthy of calling yourself a Slayers fan. The higher your score it, the closer to being a true fan you are.

Question 1:What seasons of Slayers have you seen?
Just Prime...
Prime and NEXT
Prime, NEXT, and TRY!
Prime, NEXT, TRY, AND all the OVA!!

Question 2:Which do you watch, subtitled or dubbed?
Subs are the best!
Dubs are the best!
I prefer subs, but I watch the occasional dub
I prefer dubs, but I watch the occasional sub
Whatever I can get my hands on

Question 3:How many times have you seen Prime?
Just once
Two or three times
About four
Five or more

Question 4:How many times have you seen NEXT?
Just once
Two or three
About four
Five or more

Question 5:How many times have you seen TRY?
Just once
Two or three
About four
Five or more

Question 6:When someone asks about Slayers, what do you say?
"It's a cool anime show"
"It's the BEST anime out there! You GOTTA see it!"
"It's just a show I watch sometimes..."
"Sore wa himitsu desu!" (It's a secret)

Question 7:Do you have a Slayers website?
Yeah, of course!
No, why should I?
Not yet, but I'm planning to
I do, but I'm thinking of taking it down

Question 8:Do you support trad couples? (Ame/Zel, Lina/Gourry, Xel/Fil)
Of course!!
Nah, I'm a non-trad person
I support two or three of them
I'm a Zel/Lina or Xel/Lina supporter
I go for the crazy stuff like Ame/Xel

Question 9:Do you have Slayers posters in your room?
Of course not!
I'm thinking about getting some...
I've got one or two...
I've got dozens!
You can't see my wall around my posters!!!

Question 10:Do you own any Slayers plushies?
No, that's just weird
I really want some!!!
I've got a few...
I've got all the main charries
I have EVERYBODY plushie-fied!!!

Question 11:Hmm... what else can I ask? Do you dream about Slayers?
Yeah, all the time!
Once or twice...
After I get drunk, yeah
Nope, never

Question 12:Do you write Slayers fan fics?
Yeah! I've got tons!
I wrote one or two
I'm thinking about it
I want to, but I'm no good at writing
What's the point?

Question 13:Is your computer desktop set to Slayers? (i.e. a Slayers background, screensaver, sounds, etc...)
Yeah, everything
I've got a wallpaper and screensaver, but nothing else
I have the wallpaper... does that count?
I would if I could find anything good
That's pointless...

Question 14:At school, is your locker done up with Slayers charries?
The inside is covered!
There are a few...
I've got one or two small pictures
I would, but I can't for some reason or another
No, that'd be dumb

Question 15:At school, is your binder or notebook covered with Slayers pics?
Yep, all my binders and notebooks!
My main binder, but none of the little things
I've been thinking about doing that
I would, but people would think I'm weird
No, it just makes my binders look cluttered

Question 16:How often does Slayers come up in your conversation or thoughts during the day?
All the time!
When I see something that reminds me of it
Every so often
Almost never
Absolutely never

Question 17:Do you and your friends do Slayers RPing? (role playing?)
Every day!
Almost all the time
When we get around to it
Not very often...

Question 18:How many people have you converted into Slayers groupies?
Nobody yet
One or two buddies
Three or so
My whole circle of friends!
Anyone who comes in contact with me gets converted!

Question 19:How much would you say you like Slayers?
Slayers is my life
I live, sleep, and eat Slayers
I love it
I like it
A like it a little...

Question 20:Last question! Do you honestly wish you could warp and become part of the Slayers world?
Certainly, definitely, absolutely!!!
I can dream, can't I?
Nah, that's just weird
Who'd want to live in the Slayers world?

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