Do You Know Slayers?
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Do You Know Slayers?

Yet another quiz crafted by the almighty Shira testing your Slayers-ness.

Question 1:Who is the main group of Slayers?
Amelia, Zel, Martina, and Sylphiel
Lina, Gourry, Zel, and Amelia
Filia, Xellos, Sylphiel, and Jillas

Question 2:What is Lina's middle name?
She doesn't have one

Question 3:What is Zolf's nickname in Prime?
Bandage Boy
Mummy Man
White Willy

Question 4:What is Gourry holding in the very last image of Slayers Try?
Sword of Light

Question 5:What is Lina doing in the final shot of the last episode of Next?
Standing there

Question 6:What happened to Gaav after the War of the Monsters' Fall?
He was killed
He was resurrected into a human body
No one knows what happened

Question 7:Who are the five servants under Shabranigdo?
Bizzido, Xellos, Valgaav, Grausherra, Dollfin
Munchkin, Wolfey, Dragon-dude, Frozenstein, Flipper
Phibrizzo, Zellas, Gaav, Dynast, Dolphin

Question 8:What are the four Dark Lords?
Dark Star, Chaotic Blue, Ruby Eye, Death Fog
Bright Moon, Chaos Green, Topaz Nose, Life Mist
Coolness, Boredness, Funness, Evilness

Question 9:When was the War of the Monster's Fall?
100 years ago
1,000 years ago
10,000 years ago

Question 10:What race did the Golden Dragons slaughter?
Black Dragons
Ancient Dragons
Archaic Dragons

Question 11:What is Amelia's full name?
Amelia Will Tammy Seyruun
Amelia Wilson Tundra Sampsonite
Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun

Question 12:What is Zelgadis a mix of?
wind demon, iron golem, human
brau demon, rock golem, human
giant, dwarf, human

Question 13:Where does the Sword of Light belong?

Question 14:What is Lina's favorite nickname for Gourry?
Octopus Brains
Peanut Butter Breath
Jellyfish Brains

Question 15:What spell does this chant go to? (this was taken off the subs) "Darkness beyond twilight. Crimson beyond blood that flows. Buried in the flow of time. In thy great name I pledge myself to darkness. Let all the fools who stand before me be destroyed by the power you and I posses!"
Dragon Bomb
Dragon Slave
Dragon Blade

Question 16:Who does the Giga Slave call its power from?
Lord of Nightmares
Dark Star

Question 17:What are the four types of magic in Slayers?
Black, Clear, Pure, Gold
Black, Shamanist, White, Holy
Black, Clerical, White, Ancient

Question 18:Fill in the blank. Rahanimu the ______ Fishman

Question 19:What are the five Darkstar weapons called?
Goro Nove, Laguna Magezis, Buzzard, Boregar, Alvaira
Gorun Nova, Ragund Mazegis, Nezzard, Bodigar, Galvayra
Gun Nova, Raggit Mazeltoff, Wizard, Bodyguy, Cavalier

Question 20:A red five-pointed star more commonly associated to what type of magic?

Question 21:What is Seyruun's role in Slayers?

Question 22:Why does Zel carry Amelia through the tunnels under Flagoon in Next?
She whacked herself with a stick just so that would happen
She bonked her head taking a hit meant for Zel
Martina bashed her with her Zoamelgustar pin

Question 23:Which is NOT a spell Lina has cast?
Zelas Goto
Rune Flare
Fire Bolt

Question 24:When Lina fakes a fireball in Prime, what spell does she use to imitate it?
Flare Arrow
Flare Lance

Question 25:What is the most powerful Shamanist attack spell?
Elmekia Lance
Meggido Flare
Rah Tilt

Question 26:Who can you compare Gourry to?
Thomas Eddison
Jar Jar Binks

Question 27:What is Luna Inverse's profession?
Traveling Sorceress
Knight of Ciephied

Question 28:In which seasons does Sylphiel show up?
Prime, Next
Prime, Try
Next, Try

Question 29:What is Filia's nickname for Xellos? (in Japanese)

Question 30:Last question... What is the insanely tall and steep mountain Gourry suggested Lina-tachi travel over in Next?
Mountain of Sighs
Mountain of Tears
Mountain of Fears

This Quiz has been designed by Shira-chan.