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South Park Quiz

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  • 1
    Who wears a green colored cap?
  • 2
    Who is the creator(s) of South Park?
  • 3
    What was Butter's name originally going to be?

  • 4
    Which character stutters too much?
  • 5
    What is the first South Park episode?
  • 6
    In the episode "Major Boobage," who is the first to try the new concept of "cheesing?"

  • 7
    In the episode "Insheeption," who is the bully that Mr. Mackey's younger self faces?
  • 8
    In the episode "Fat Butt and Pancake Head," what is the song that fake Jennifer Lopez sings?
  • 9
    Who does Satan have a relationship with in the movie "Bigger, Longer and Uncut?"
  • 10
    In the episode "Chinpokomon," what do the parents do to stop the kids obsession with Chinpokomon?

  • 11
    In what episode did chef die in?
  • 12
    Who do the girls put at the top of their "cutest boy" list so they could get free shoes?
  • 13
    In the episode "Broadway Bro Down," what is Shelly's boyfriend?
  • 14
    Where is Kyle's mother originally from?
  • 15
    In the episode "Erection Day," what hooker does Jimmy meet up with so he can get laid?
  • 16
    Who is trying to kill the "Manbearpig?"

  • 17
    In the episode "It hits the fan," what is the vulgar word used incessantly?
  • 18
    In the episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die," What does Cartman do to get back at Scott?
  • 19
    Who becomes incredibly popular in the episode "The Hobbit" after having herself photoshopped?
  • 20
    Which character is always reluctant to go along with fads the boys get into?

  • 21
    Which character is exceptionally good at Rock Hero? (And Heroin Hero)
  • 22
    Which celebrity doesn't get this "Fish Sticks" joke?
  • 23
    In "Make Love, Not Warcraft," what do the game programmers do to help the boys defeat the nerd?
  • 24
    Who always dies?
  • 25
    Who takes Kenny's place when he dies?
  • 26
    Who becomes the sarcastaball coach at South Park Elementary?

  • 27
    In the episode "#REHASH" and "#HappyHoligrams," what Internet celebrity does Cartman copy?
  • 28
    What pop singer does Randy reveal himself as in season 18?

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1754 days ago
your test is wrong !! question 25 :
when kenny die it s in first time butters the new of the band and after tweak take this place so the right answer is butters or "both"